The Best Lobster Rolls In The Country You Can't Miss Out On This Summer

Summer is made up of many awesome traditions, like road trips, barbecues, boat excursions, beach days, and, well, eating lobster rolls — and we're not just talking about any 'ole lobster rolls. These are utter delights that are piled high with fresh, delicious chunks of lobster meat worthy of daydreams at the beach. That's all filled into soft, squishy rolls. The lobster is usually served warm and smothered in sweet, creamy butter, meaning that each heavenly bite pretty much melts in your mouth. In short, those would be the lobster rolls we're referring to. They may be served with Old Bay-seasoned fries, coleslaw, or sea salt chips, but diehard lovers of the famous roll are really there for the lobster.

Admittedly, lobster rolls aren't typically an inexpensive menu item, but fans of this classic meal know that a scrumptious lobster roll made to fresh, buttery perfection is worth it. As it turns out, most beach communities will have a favorite lobster roll spot that's overflowing with locals and travelers alike. These places have earned a keen, well-deserved reputation for serving up their version of an amazing lobster roll customers can't get enough of. Word gets around, after all, and we are listening.

Whether you are road tripping for a vacation this summer or enjoying a day at the beach, we've rounded up the best lobster roll spots in the country. From Maine to California, we've listed every establishment where you need to stop and enjoy a lobster roll ASAP.

Lapeer Seafood Market in Alpharetta, Georgia

You can expect sleek, chic black and white decor, lots of big, bright windows, quite a few trendy lighting fixtures, endless Instagram opportunities, and a cool Caribbean flair when you visit Lapeer Seafood Market in Alpharetta, Georgia. You can also expect high-quality ingredients and sheer deliciousness when it comes to everything on their menu, to such a degree that we absolutely had to include their lobster roll on this list. This seafood delight can be ordered with either cold tarragon mayonnaise or warm lemon butter. The meal is topped off with "voodoo chips" on the side for the most heavenly summertime staple order you can get. The Tripadvisor reviews back up the coolness and deliciousness of this sweet Georgia spot. As one reviewer writes, they had "The most amazing lobster and shrimp roll on a brioche bun. Superb homemade chips and excellent service." Another dubs it a perfect date night spot: "Atmosphere was romantic, wine selection had large variety of great wines, and food was to die for. The presentation was very bespoke and greatly added to our wonderful dining experience."

The Lobster Pot in Provincetown, Massachusetts

If you're looking for perfect lobster rolls and a whole lot more, The Lobster Pot in Provincetown, Massachusetts is an excellent destination. In addition to a great lobster treat, they offer local dishes, soups, seafood, as well as vegan and vegetarian choices. Their neon sign has been an iconic fixture at this "shack on the beach" since they opened up their doors back in 1979.

Not only do they make a scrumptious, traditional lobster salad roll, made fresh lobster meat with mayo, celery, and scallions on a toasted bun with a potato salad side, but The Lobster Pot also has a whole lobster-based sandwich board. You can also order up a lobster grilled cheese or a lobster Reuben. The Lobster Pot really has you covered with all things lobster. Consider their "lobster egg roll", which has an intriguing twist on a sandwich classic. It's made with lobster meat, carrot, green onion, cabbage, and a Thai chili sauce for dipping.

If you're obsessed with lobster, this is the place to be. You can start out with an appetizer of a Lobster Avocado Cocktail, which is not at all what you may think it is at first. It's actually made with ¾ pound of lobster meat mixed together with diced avocado, mango, sweet pepper vinaigrette, and tarragon mayo. Or, you can choose a creamy, delicious cup of lobster bisque. They also have lobster ravioli Alfredo, if you want to turn this situation into a full foodie feast.

Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine

Voted the best lobster roll in Maine in 2020 by Down East Magazine, according to Facebook, Red's Eats sure doesn't mess around when it comes to knowing how to whip up a quality, delicious lobster roll. As a matter of fact, they claim to serve around "14.5 tons of fresh lobster meat" in their rolls from mid-April until mid-October, during the peak of their season. That's a lot of lobster meat, and we're seriously here for it!

Located in Wiscasset, Maine, Red's Eats serves their delicious regular or gluten-free rolls piled high with chunks of fresh, juicy lobster meat. According to the restaurant itself, "We do not measure ... we pile it high" (via Red's Eats). Enjoy Kate's Maine Butter or mayo on the side, and you're sure to be delighted. Of course, there are tons of other yummy menu items at this place, including crab meat rolls, fish 'n chips, fried dough, and burgers. For beverage choices, Red's offers Green Bee Honey Sodas, lemonade, ice cream frappes, and more. And if you'd like dessert, order a homemade whoopie pie, homemade blueberry cake, or Round Top ice cream!

According to Eater Maine, this lobster shack is so popular that the line of hungry patrons usually extends all the way to the bridge that goes across the Sheepscot River. Given all those dedicated diners waiting for a taste of a Red's Eats lobster roll, you know you need to make a trip there as soon as possible.

Monahan's Clam Shack By the Sea in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Located right at the Narragansett, Rhode Island seawall is Monahan's Clam Shack By the Sea. Monahan's serves a Cold Lobster Roll that's jam-packed with fresh, tender pieces of lobster meat that have been coated with a light mayo dressing and seasoning. Or, you can order up Monahan's Famous Hot Lobster Roll, which is chock-full of fresh, tender pieces of lobster meat that are sautéed lightly in drawn butter and all the best herbs and spices. This spot is definitely one for the books and should be on your lobster roll bucket list for sure.

While you're at it, you should also choose some starters like the Point Judith Calamari, which is sautéed with banana peppers, garlic, and roasted red peppers and served with cocktail sauce. Their Maui Coconut Shrimp, onion rings, clam strips, or French fries also make a great side with your lobster sandwich. And you're not done yet, because you can even enjoy a shake, a root beer float, or a banana split when you wrap up lunch or dinner for a really tasty summer meal. One Tripadvisor reviewer wrote, "I ordered the lobster roll & onion rings — both very fresh, tasty, on-point." And another person said, "Excellent clam (and lobster) shack by the beach."

Eat-in you roll or get it for take-out while you're adventuring, but know that if you don't check out Monahan's Clam Shack, you're definitely missing out!

Millie's in Washington, D.C.

At Millie's in Washington, D.C., you can enjoy ordering your lobster roll amongst the ambiance of their beautiful building, which comes complete with glass garage-type doors that pull up for picturesque open-air dining. You can dine inside or on Millie's beautiful outdoor patio. Wherever you get settled, plan on ordering a delicious Muskeget, which is Millie's Premium Maine lobster meat situated on a buttery roll that's toasted and filled with lemon, bibb lettuce, and chives. The presentation is so appetizing, and it's served with a delicious helping of coleslaw. We'll warn you that you won't be able to resist the urge to dig right in when your server brings you your order — but try to snap a picture first, as this meal will be oh-so Instagram-worthy.

You'll be pleased by all of the rave reviews on OpenTable, include one that dubs Millie's a "true neighborhood gem." Another reviewer wrote, "The lobster roll is sooooo [...] amazing. So much lobster meat. Perfectly buttered [bread]."

For an extra treat at the end of your meal, Millie's patio also offers full-service ice cream and a takeout window. If you're really taken by their offerings, Millie's has a food truck that you can rent for a private party or special event, where they will serve up lobster rolls, tacos, salad, quesadillas, and more to all of your guests. Is there anything Millie's hasn't thought of to make your summer happy and filled with fresh lobster?

Ironside Fish & Oyster in San Diego, California

It's no secret that the lobster rolls at Ironside Fish & Oyster are scrumptious and delightful. These rolls are prepared with brown butter mayo, chives, and crispy shallots and served with a side of crunchy French fries. Ironside also offers many fun extras like a raw bar, rockfish ceviche, and even a caviar tasting, if you're feeling a little bougie! Whether you order a mojito, a daiquiri, or a bottle of chardonnay to accompany your lobster roll, you can be sure it's going to be a great meal and a fun time. 

Many have since proclaimed that Ironside Fish & Oyster has one of the best lobster rolls on the West Coast, while five-star Yelp reviews speak for themselves. One reviewer describes the roll in detail. Prepare to drool: "It was jam packed with perfectly cooked lump lobster meat and topped with fried onions. The buttery bread was grilled to perfection." How could you possibly resist?

Lobster Pool Restaurant in Rockport, Massachusetts

If you're headed to New England's charming seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts, then get excited. It's the home of Lobster Pool Restaurant, so you're pretty much hitting the lobster jackpot. With tons of Tripadvisor reviews that contain claims like "The lobster roll and fries were wonderful," and "Fresh lobster roll and great view," it's no secret that you are in for a treat and the hype is real. even included Lobster Pool as one of their "20 Massachusetts Lobster Roll Destinations." Be sure to time your visit just right and grab a table by the water so you can enjoy your lobster roll at sunset with a glass of your favorite wine for the ultimate experience.

Check out Lobster Pool's website, because it's filled with information that goes beyond their menu. For example, they provide home cooks with four different ways you can prepare lobster right in your own kitchen, including boiling, baking and broiling, pan-searing, and steaming. In addition, you can find recipes there on how to make some pretty amazing dishes like lobster frittata, lobster eggs Benedict, and BBQ lobster. Lobster Pool even offers tips on how to use your leftover lobster shells (tossing those shells is a common mistake you don't need to make). Needless to say, after you visit Lobster Pool in person and fall in love with their lobster rolls, you can still enjoy lobster for the rest of the summer at home thanks to their excellent advice.

Five Islands Lobster Co., in Georgetown, Maine

Five Islands Lobster Co., located in Georgetown, Maine, is on an actual fishing wharf on Sheepscot Bay, where the water is really cold and really deep. The locals take great pride in boasting that these cold, deep waters have produced some of the most delicious lobsters around. Thanks to its location, Five Islands gets its lobsters right out of this fresh water and doesn't store them in a tank.

Remember to bring your own brews in a cooler so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Five Islands Lobster Co.'s classic lobster roll that's prepared with some of the freshest lobster around, complete with lettuce and mayo on a hot dog bun that's been grilled and buttered to complete and utter perfection. Or, savor a "Big Boy" lobster roll that's been filled with two times the standard amount of lobster meat, all piled high in a homemade potato roll. You can choose lots of other options on the menu as well and still have an absolute blast. Whatever you decide to order, you're in for lobsta fun!

Lobster Landing in Clinton, Connecticut

Heading to Lobster Landing in Clinton, Connecticut isn't just going to be a trip to a restaurant for a lobster roll. It's more like planning a special kind of picnic. Lobster Landing is an adorable beach shack type of setup, with their menu items typically written out on a whiteboard. Their team invites you to bring whatever you'd like that they don't serve, including wine, beer, sides, and any sweet treats you might crave for dessert. That sounds like a pretty awesome deal to us!

Their motto is "Great ingredients make great food," and we couldn't agree more. According to a photo of the menu on Tripadvisor, the hot lobster rolls at Lobster Landing are stuffed with ¼ pound of lobster meat and dressed up with lemon and melted butter all on a toasted sub roll. The reviews on Facebook say it all: "Great lobster rolls, beautiful ocean views, okay to BYOB and other snacks or desserts, friendly staff," and, "Everything was SO fresh and SO delicious. Found a new favorite, for sure."

Woodhouse Fish Co. in San Francisco, California

If you're looking for one of the best lobster rolls on the West Coast, then look no further than Woodhouse Fish Co. in San Francisco. Get excited, because the lobster rolls at Woodhouse have a reputation for being simply gigantic and stuffed with fresh lobster meat tossed with a lemon aioli dressing. Order yours chilled with celery and mayo, or you can have it hot and drenched in butter. Plan on having their house-made chips on the side, too, or add some onion rings or a cup of New England clam chowder to your order as well. You can do all this while also enjoying a bottle of pinot, rosé, or chardonnay.

Woodhouse also serves up some pretty dreamy desserts to round out your meal, including sourdough bread pudding, strawberry shortcake, and dark chocolate mousse. They are open every day of the week, so it will be easy to stop by and check them out whenever you're in the Bay Area. 

The five-star Yelp reviews are, well, five-star-worthy. One reviewer, among plenty of others, had lots of great things to say about Woodhouse Fish Co.'s lobster roll: "It was so [mouthwatering]! I got the hot buttery version. They are not stingy with their lobster and [add] so much to the roll, [which] made me so happy! It comes with a side of fries which are hella good." So be sure to have a hella good time with your lobster roll at Woodhouse.

North River Lobster Company in New York, New York

You can actually take a one-hour cruise up the Hudson River on what's been deemed "New York's only floating lobster shack" at North River Lobster Company. There are plenty of yummy choices there, of course, where you can pick from their classic signature lobster roll to some truly unique specialty rolls, including their Double Truffle Roll or Lower Eastside Everything Bagel Roll. You could even attempt to consume their 28-inch-long lobster roll if you're really ravenous. Whatever you decide on, you're in for a delicious summertime treat.

Climb aboard, choose your lobster roll, and have a drink, too. This is the best weekend plan if you're a local or visiting NYC, in case you missed the memo. But you don't have to wait for the weekend. You can start your fun on Wednesday because North River Lobster Company is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, meaning you have plenty of different times to jump on board and enjoy one of the best lobster rolls in the city.

One five-star Tripadvisor reviewer wrote, "What an incredible evening/night we had on board the North River Lobster Co. boat. Amazing views, fun atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks/food. Definitely a highlight of our (x4 Aussies) trip to New York! Loved the oar shots on the way out ... Definitely recommend!" We're totally in love and onboard (pun intended) with this floating lobster shack. Chances are darn good that you will be, too.