10 Canned Wines You Should Always Buy

If you have not yet discovered how convenient, trendy, and delicious canned wines are, then you are definitely missing out on some wonderful sipping experiences. Leisure time is oh-so precious, and always much too short. So, when it comes to wining while you're dining and beyond, you need to listen up, treat yourself, and then start sipping.

If you don't know it already, you will learn very quickly that canned wines travel so well in a cooler, a backpack, and even in a picnic basket. The size of a canned wine is incredibly personal, and it eliminates having to commit to an entire bottle. (Not like that is usually an issue!) When it comes to hosting a party, you can easily set up a bucket of ice or a cute inflatable cooler, topped with an assortment of all your favorite brands and flavors of canned wine to please each and every guest.

There are so many canned wines that now exist, that narrowing in on the best choices can be a bit overwhelming. But, we at Tasting Table are here to help you out with some outrageously amazing suggestions that will satisfy, quench, and please everyone's thirst. So check out these canned wines ASAP and be ready to red, white, or rosé all day.

1. Usual Spritz is a refreshing wine cooler for every plan

Chosen by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the "best canned cocktails and wines for picnics, beach days, and more" in 2021, you know Usual Spritz is a trendy must-try. We love that, according to the wine brand's website, each and every 8.4-ounce can of Usual Spritz is a refreshing wine cooler that tastes like a combination of coconut, pear, or strawberry. We think that it will be unlike anything you've ever sipped out of a can before. Usual's refreshing canned wines contain all-natural ingredients, they don't have added chemicals or sugar, and they're serving up just the right amount of fizz and fruity flavor. This wine is not overly sweet, nor does it contain a high alcohol content. So, if you're not a fan of sweet wines, don't fret.

What Usual does offer, is freshly squeezed guava juice, Brut, and lots and lots (Did we mention lots?) of bubbles. As a matter of fact, Usual Wines has actually counted and found that there are over 6,000 bubbles in each can of this delightful, sparkling canned beverage. (Now that is pure dedication.) So ... bubble up, drink up, and treat yourself to a Usual experience.

2. BABE wine is, well, such a babe

If you are a fan of red, rosé, pinot grigio, or all of the above, you can have your cake and drink all three with BABE bubbly wine. We're pretty biased and love BABE's red in a can the best, but you really can't go wrong with trying them all, as each one brings something different to the table. 

BABE will complement every meal you prepare or order, along with every possible plan you make this summer. BABE is even back selling its 100-calorie variety pack in addition to its 100-cal rosé. Delish included BABE 100 Rosé With Bubbles number one on their list of the best canned wines of 2021, and gave a shoutout to their bright lavender and pink cans, so you know you need to pack it away in your cooler.

Heading to a beach bonfire for hot dogs, burgers, and s'mores? If so, grab a variety pack of BABE on the way, so there's something at the party to share with everyone — and you definitely can't go wrong. Serving a seafood feast with friends? Be sure to stock up on some pinot grigio, and your evening will be oh-so-complete. Just think about how hot your beach towel will look when you have your hot pink radio blasting and your chilled cans looking like total BABEs with their fluorescent labels. Face it: Everyone's going to want to be your friend at the shore this summer.

3. RAMONA is an Italian friend you can't live without this summer and beyond

RAMONA just so happens to be pretty darn cool, and the can is a testament to that. Made in Italy, this wine cooler is available in deliciously refreshing flavors you probably haven't tried before, including ruby grapefruit, dry grapefruit, blood orange, Meyer lemon, and dry sparkling rosé. According to the brand's website, "RAMONA is a spritz in spirit. An update of the Italian classic, founded by a sommelier, that begins with our own expertise and first love: fine wine." The brand was included in a roundup of the best five canned wines to sip in the fall by Best Products, but we think it's a sip you'll want to have on hand year-round — most especially the ruby grapefruit.

This wine cooler is gluten-free, certified organic, and has no added chemicals. And did we mention that RAMONA is only 90 calories per serving? You're going to fall in love with RAMONA — we're sure of it.

4. Sleek wine, sleek can ... you can't go wrong having Rosé Water in hand

Created in Bordeaux, France, Rosé Water will be your newest favorite beverage in a can to enjoy this summer. Made with pure sparkling water and dry rosé wine — without any added flavors or artificial ingredients — this canned wine is considered a first-of-its-kind hybrid. "That's it. Just wine and water."

As a matter of fact, this very pretty wine-in-a-can has become such a popular, casual sip that you can bring basically anywhere you plan on adventuring to. Tastings recommend pairing this refreshing wine with blue cheese potato chips or Havarti cheese, and we couldn't agree with them more. (A charcuterie board and Rosé Water for happy hour, anyone?) The can is oh-so incredibly chic, it's no surprise that it's been chosen as one of "the best canned wines you'll want to drink all summer long" by Popsugar. Sleek wine, sleek can ... how can you go wrong having Rosé Water in hand?

5. Grab your besties, Beach Juice, and head to the shore

Vodka lemonade, anyone? How about rosé with bubbles? Beach Juice is just the canned wine you need to include with all of your adventures, whether they include beach time or not. Make a plan, then grab a four, eight, 12 or 24 pack to share. It's time have fun and get that nostalgic feel with lemonade, bubbles, and all of your best friends. Beach Juice is produced in California, and their rosé is listed as number two out of Vinepair's "15 best canned wines for summer 2020, tasted and ranked." This unique blend of rosé is made of pinot noir, syrah, barbera, and grenache (via Vinepair).

We think you'll agree that Beach Juice's can will be the coolest-looking drink at the party. It gets our vote for most-fun design on a can and screams, "Let's be cool and spread those good vibes at the beach all summer." As a matter of fact, their motto is, "Fun wins," and we couldn't agree more.

6. Flora Wine Spritzers have the prettiest can of all time

Flora Wine Spritzers are delicious and so picture-ready for any event you invite them to. They are gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural. Plus, they're only 90 calories, and each can has 1 gram of sugar and 2 carbs. (Did we just find your new summertime sip? We think so.) Flora will be the most popular guest at any party or plan you are part of, and you will absolutely want to meet and get to know this successful, tasteful life of the party.

Flora rosé includes wine, raspberry juice, carbonated water, raw sugar, natural flavors, sulfites, and citric acid. Flira Tiki includes wine, pineapple juice, agave syrup, carbonated water, natural flavors, sulfites, and citric acid. To know Flora is to love Flora.

Aside from Flora Wines being one of our top favorites, their can gets our vote for the prettiest wine can (and box!) of all time. We're inspired to invite it to brunch, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and so much more. With several five-star ratings on Drizly, one verified buyer has the best advice for how to enjoy this beautiful canned beverage. Lauren on Drizly states, "We packed these for a picnic and everyone loved them. Great flavor and refreshing." Preach, Lauren.

7. SHE CAN is citrusy, chic, and oh-so delicious

Whether you choose coastal berry or island citrus, you can't go wrong with packing up your cooler with SHE CAN by the McBride sisters. In fact, you can take SHE CAN anyplace you want to go, and it will definitely be a fun adventure with an extraordinary thirst-quencher on hand. Pack up some veggie wraps, and add some SHE CANs for your next bike ride or hike. Or, plan a potluck brunch with your favorite people in the park, and fill a cooler with this yummy beverage. After all, as the brand's website states, "The SHE CAN range of premium wines and spritzers reminds you that SHE CAN do anything."

Insider included SHE CAN in their roundup of "13 best canned wines of 2021, according to our taste tests," and after just one sip, you'll see why. Whatever be the case, SHE CAN is the can you'll want to sip this summer and beyond. Plus, the cans are so cute! Expect your Instagram to be sizzling all season long.

8. Bridge Lane will have you sippin' on the beach all sunny season

Bridge Lane is produced by Lieb Winery in North Fork, New York. This wine in a can is fun and totally meant for everyone's taste and truly every single occasion. You can choose from bubbles, rosé, white merlot, red blend, sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay. It's the ultimate sip to bring to the beach, and their chardonnay in its adorable lemon yellow can was actually voted one of 15 top best canned wines of summer 2020 by Vinepair. The chardonnay from Bridge Lane combines citrus peel, apple, and hints of stone fruit. Vinepair gave kudos to their "great acidity and zesty finish." 

Reverse Wine Snob even named Bridge Lane's sauvignon blanc and rosé "high-quality wine in a can," which is within their "best canned wines" roundup. The hype is so real, our friends, so you might as well grab a can for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

9. Cupcake in a can is way cooler than the rest of us

Cupcakes, sweet cupcakes. If you're already a Cupcake wine fan, you'll be so pleased to know that you can now enjoy Cupcake in a can! Whether you choose sauvignon blanc or rose, get ready to quench your thirst and have a blast with the hottest (well, actually the coolest) beverage in town, whether you're on the go or chillin' pool or patio side. Cupcake in a can is way cooler than the rest of us, because in 2019, it was the first canned wine to be at Coachella ... and they actually debuted their canned wine at the festival (via BusinessWire).

Everyone loves a great cupcake, and Cupcake wine in a can is a great way to please your taste buds ... with a cupcake on the side, of course. And don't let this pretty little Cupcake can fool you — each one contains 350 milliliters of wine (via Delish). That's equivalent to half of a Cupcake wine bottle! Delish dubbed Cupcake one of 19 canned wines you will absolutely love, and we could not agree more. Now, all of that certainly deserves a toast.

10. Dark Horse is dry, crisp, well-balanced, and so sippable

If you're looking for a dry, crisp, and well-balanced wine to pair with your halibut dinner, check out some Dark Horse pinot. Or perhaps you're looking for a dry, crisp, and lively brut bubbles with a refreshing essence of pears, apples and toasted oak to serve with your baked brie and cracker charcuterie board. Think about sauvignon blanc if you're whipping up crab cakes, and pinot noir for pasta night, or a rosé with or without bubbles for your chicken dinner. If you'd like to spruce up a sweet date night, enjoy some with your partner along with a large portion of chocolate-covered strawberries. 

The pairing possibilities are endless when it comes to Dark Horse, so you'll basically be sippin' this canned wine all summer long — and that's not a bad thing. A reviewer on Influenster dubbed Dark Horse's rosé in a can as a solid choice to bring along to the beach, a picnic, or a golf outing, in addition to enjoying with your sushi lunch or dinner.