Millennials Are Driving Canned Wine Sales

Millennials can't get enough of the stuff

Canned wine has been popping up all over the place this summer: at wine stores, supermarkets and even right here at Tasting Table.

And though not everyone has caught the canned wine bug quite yet, sales are up 125 percent over the past year, Nielsen notes. That percentage translates to roughly $14.5 million in sales, the majority of those buyers being millennials, UK publication The Independent reports.

The generation who can't be bothered to deal with humans apparently enjoys the fact that all a can wine drinker has to do is pull  the tab and sip—no need for a wine key, decanter or even stemware. It also packs up well for the beach, picnic or a boozy hike.

Sofia Mini | Photo: Courtesy of Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Whole Foods has gone so far as to declare 2016 the year of canned wine. Heather Wallberg, of Union Wine Co. tells USA Today, "We've tripled our production from where we started this year, and we still haven't made enough. The rosé we can't make enough of. It flies."

Still, canned wine has a long way to go. Doug Bell, the head buyer for Whole Foods, notes that cans make up just 1 percent of wine retail.

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