Where To Get The Best Cocktails In Every State

Shaken, stirred, or even neat. No matter how you pour it, we'll never turn our noses away from a solid cocktail. Mixology is an art and even just an ounce of ingredients can send the taste buds running. We're heading across the great U.S. of A. to prove that you don't necessarily need to go to a four-star establishment when looking for the perfect cocktail: It's down to passion and artistry. There are folks all over the country, even in the smallest of towns, using fresh ingredients and quality liquors to launch cocktail movements of their own.

From establishments that embrace the classic craft cocktail movement and new wave tiki bars to those shaking up rare agave spirits and even some dives thrown in there, get your jigger ready and grab your shaker. We're breaking down the best place to grab cocktails in every state.

Alabama: Queen's Park

Something is brewing in Birmingham, Alabama. The city is seeing a rebirth of itself, this time in the food and beverage scene. Passionate and young mixologists are leaving major cities to stake their claim in the booming scene, landing the city on the cocktail map. One such bar is Queen's Park, which was opened in 2018 by ex-Brooklyn native, Laura Newman. Named after Trinidad's former old, European-style hotel, the bar features classic cocktails in a non-pretentious setting. The staff is warm and inviting, and are masters at the cocktail. Queen's Park has reached such acclaim that they even play host each winter to the nationwide holiday-themed Miracle Pop-Up.

Alaska: Darwin's Theory

You must leave all notions at the door for what you think is a cocktail bar for this next one. You'll also have to throw on a parka because we're headed to Darwin's Theory in Anchorage, Alaska. This unassuming bar, which some may even call a dive, has been attracting tourists and locals alike thanks to its great (and strong) drinks. The tiny bar also boasts the best free popcorn and the best jukebox in town. The owner, Darwin, also happens to be the world's biggest seller of cinnamon schnapps!

Arizona: UnderTow

There's a certain allure to tiki. The mysterious and often misunderstood genre of cocktails rose in mainstream America in the '50s and '60s. Eventually, it went to the wayside thanks to the tasteless and uninspired drinks of the disco era (Midori sour?). That was, until the 21st century, when a whole new generation decided it was time for a tiki revolution. UnderTow in Phoenix, Arizona matches hip with old-world in their nautical-themed tiki bar. The menu is a homage to the tiki godfathers, Trader Vic (Victor Bergeron) and Don The Beachcomber (Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt), and combines classic recipes with modern flavors and innovation in mixology.

Arkansas: Vault

The drink scene in Fayetteville offers a little something for everyone, from the simpleton beer crowd to the adventurous and worldly wine seekers. Located in the heart of downtown Fayetteville, according to Experience Fayetteville, Vault would be easy to pass by. The small bar, located in a former bank vault, may tout an impressive bourbon list, but they're also using quality spirits and unexpected ingredients to crank out some of the state's best and most interesting cocktails.

California: Smuggler's Cove

Martin Cate is partly to thank for tiki as we know it today. The exotic cocktail and rum expert has been preaching all things tiki in the beverage community since the 1990s; he even got his start at the iconic Trader Vic's in San Francisco, according to Punch. While he is the author of several books and part-owner of some of the best tiki bars in the country, like Lost Lake in Chicago, his crown jewel can be found in San Francisco. Eater calls Smuggler's Cove the pinnacle of new wave tiki bars, paying tribute to those that came before them with stunning décor and immersion experiences. Sip on some of the best drinks in the country, like a classic fog cutter, alongside vintage tiki and nautical artifacts in this multi-level stunner.

Colorado: Death & Co Denver

It's impossible to discuss the modern craft cocktail scene without mentioning Death & Co. What started in Manhattan's East Village quickly became an institution responsible for the current craft cocktail movement we know and love today (via Forbes). Its innovation in cocktails has since spurred other locations, like Denver. Here, they took the values of the original location and created a new menu. Classic cocktails are born again with inventive re-imaginings, so you'll want to carefully read the menu.

Connecticut: Ordinary

Connecticut is a quiet respite for some of the ex-pats of New York City looking for some welcome distance from the hustle and bustle of city life. Luckily, thanks to some passionate mixologists and restauranteurs, they can still get a taste of what they left behind with New Haven's burgeoning food and craft cocktail scene. There's nothing ordinary about the bar called Ordinary, which holds its claim to fame as being New Haven's oldest tavern. The cocktail menu has a little something for everyone with their own takes on the classics, like a Manhattan with James Pepper bourbon or a twist on a grasshopper with rum.

Delaware: Hummingbird to Mars

If you have a strong sense of direction and know the password, you can enter the secret Wilmington, Delaware spot creatively named (and mysterious) Hummingbird to Mars (via Only In Your State). Once inside, you'll feel like you've stepped into a time machine as you walk amongst the Victorian furniture and staff that's dressed to impress. Atmosphere aside, the real draw here — if you can get in — is their rotating seasonal cocktail menu expertly crafted by highly skilled mixologists. The drinks are wildly creative, like "Penicillin," which uses ginger liqueur, or "Nostalgia," which includes elderflower liqueur (clever, right?).

Florida: La Cava Del Tequila

It may be hard to believe, but one of the nation's best tequila bars can be found hidden inside a pyramid in a theme park. La Cava Del Tequila opened in 2009 inside Walt Disney World's Epcot and quickly changed the game of theme park beverage programs. With a menu designed by an agave expert, this dimly lit spot utilizes interesting and unique agave-based spirits, including over 100 tequilas and 40 mezcals, to create cocktail masterpieces. The menu emphasizes educating the consumer on the history, production, and culture of their spirits — and you can even take a private class to learn more. Long-time fan Neil Patrick Harris even created his own signature cocktail for the spot that includes mezcal and blackberry puree. A fair warning for you: The line is usually well out the door for this spot.

Georgia: The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar

Savannah is often mentioned for its acclaimed food scene. Old meets new in their culinary scene with inventive eateries that embrace Southern culture and the widely available fresh seafood. It also happens to be home to one of the best tiki bars in the South, says Narcity, The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar. Hidden above a famous oyster bar in the town's downtown area you'll feel like you've stepped back in time to the golden era of tiki. In addition to a stunning setting, the drinks are top-notch and honor classic tiki while embracing some new wave innovations, like their "London Daisy," which includes gin, yellow chartreuse, falernum, strawberry, lime, and soda.

Hawaii: The Mai Tai Bar

There may not be a more misunderstood cocktail than the mai tai. While the mai tai's origins lie probably with Trader Vic, says Matador Network, it has since become a sugary-laden nightmare — unlike its original booze-laden version (via Koala Landing Resort). It is partly thanks to its creator, who, when bringing the mai tai to Hawaii, was given the task by Waikiki's Royal Hawaiian Hotel to make it more suitable for the tourist's palate — in other words, dumbing it down with the addition of juice. That version is still a staple at the resort's aptly named Mai Tai Bar. No disrespect to the original, but this version is pretty darn perfect in its own right, full of booze, yet somehow perfectly balanced. It's a must-have on any visit to Honolulu, not to mention worthy of an Instagram shot.

Idaho: Press & Pony

Consistently named one of the Best of Boise, Press & Pony is all about bridging the gap between the past and the present cocktails. This dimly-lit cocktail spot features modern-day reinventions of the classics while looking toward the future with innovative new age cocktails, like "Sh*t Kickers and Daisy Dukes" and "El Camino." It's everything you'd want in a craft cocktail bar; straightforward while exceeding all expectations. The atmosphere is intimate and dimly lit with wood paneling, but incredibly welcoming at the same time.

Illinois: Three Dots and a Dash

Chicago's drink scene is impressive, but there's one spot that receives accolades over and over again. Three Dots and a Dash is a new-age tiki bar with a dash of showmanship. Once entering through an alley, you'll descend the skeleton skull stairway to enter pure paradise. While the atmosphere is top-notch, if not the best of America's tiki bars, its cocktails are what keep people flocking back. Your cocktail journey will cover the classic tiki drinks of yesterday, like the Saturn, with the addition of large-format cocktails (served in seashells, no less), and modern cocktails. The ingredients are fresh, highlighting seasonal items, and the drinks are served in impressive vessels: Handcrafted mugs designed by local Chicago sculptors. Thankfully, the mini works of art are also for sale.

Indiana: The Ball & Biscuit

If there was such thing as an approachable speakeasy, this next spot would be the definition of it. Ball & Biscuit is known as Indy's — that's short for Indianapolis — original cocktail bar. The unassuming exterior makes way for a copper-laden cocktail bar full of good vibes and a welcoming charm — a true neighborhood bar that feels elevated yet accessible. The drinks are excellent — including their standout old fashioned — but they also didn't forget their beer drinking imbibers. They carry an impressive rotation of craft beers on tap, as well as seasonal ciders.

What's up with the name? Its name is derived from a vintage-style microphone that was first made in the 1930s — but if you ask a local, they'll likely refer to it as "the biscuit." After throwing back a few rounds of cocktails, they also deliver with their small plates menu. The entire menu brings a sophisticated feel to a traditional local watering hole with bites like baked goat cheese with crostini and marinated olives.

Iowa: Hessen Haus

Iowa may not be known for its vibrant social scene, but there are some gems hidden in plain sight when visiting the Hawkeye state. Located in the heart of Des Moines' lively downtown district, Hessen Haus is an unexpected boozy delight that's housed in a former train station. With a traditional German bier hall theme, the part-bar-part restaurant has around 50 German imports always available on tap. Yes, beer is not technically a cocktail, but they have an impressive array of shandies ready to be handcrafted with your favorite beer on tap.

The absolute non-negotiable of visiting Hessen Haus? Taking a shandy break to partake in their traditional passing of the boot. This next-level drinking game puts your crew face to face with a jumbo glass boot filled with 2 liters of your favorite beer — and then shenanigans ensue. Of course, there are pretzels the size of your head, but the real draw is a knock-out currywurst burger that combines Germany's favorite street food with America's beloved cheeseburger — it's the pinnacle of drinking food.

Kansas: Drastic Measures

No beer. No wine. No food. No credit cards accepted. No reservations. Just cocktails.

It's a bold gambit from Drastic Measures, a bar located in Shawnee, Kansas. But what the bar lacks in offerings, it more than makes up for in ambition. Goat cheese-washed Blanco tequila. Hibiscus-infused absinthe. Californian raspberry distillate. These cocktail ingredients might read like the back-of-the-router Wi-Fi passwords, but they're used to make cocktails that Feast Magazine referred to as unintimidating on a menu with something for everyone. For example, the Gastronom blog said the Afterschool Special, made with peanut butter washed cognac, port, and berries, tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Drastic Measures opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with its cocktails-only menu and small seating spaces, the concept turned out to be well-suited to the age of supply chain disruptions and social distancing. Far from being sterile and uninviting, Drastic Measures welcomes guests with a speakeasy-influenced entranceway. If a green light in the vestibule indicates there's room for more guests, would-be patrons must bang a door knocker to be let inside. The interior of the bar greets guests with seating areas, limestone walls, spiraling light fixtures, and cocktails; no beer, no wine, just cocktails.

Kentucky: Hell or High Water

Louisville, Kentucky is a drinking enthusiasts' dream. From the dive bars to the most elegant spots, there's no shortage of whiskey to be found in the multitude of bars there. While we're known for kicking back a tipple of the brown stuff, sometimes our taste buds call for something else. Hell or High Water features velvety red booths in a swanky-meets-kitschy space. After sipping on a "Roman Holiday," which features Averall plum gin, you may want to head to the mezzanine that is complete with a wide collection of vintage books. Libations and learning? We're in.

Louisiana: Cane & Table

It's easy to find a cocktail anywhere you look in New Orleans, but it's difficult to find a great cocktail. Bourbon Street is riddled with sugary, boozy libations (hello, hand grenade!), but if you take just a few steps to the outskirts of the French Quarter, you will find Cane & Table, according to Eater. A popular amongst locals, this Old-Havana-inspired spot is a haven for rum lovers and a brainchild of acclaimed local bartender Nick Detrich. With the town's best collection of rums, the focus here is on pseudo tiki, Colonial cocktails, like their riff on a Hurricane, Hurricane & Table. They also feature some lesser-known cocktails like the Rhum J.M. VSOP Ti Punch. Leave Pat O'Brien's immediately and head here.

Maine: Blyth & Burrows

You may be headed to Portland, Maine for their outstanding seafood, like their lust-worthy lobster rolls. The seashore town is also home to a budding cocktail scene. Blyth & Burrows is home to three bars, says Conde Nast Traveler, including a separate speakeasy in the building downstairs. Located in the town's Old Port district, you'll find the city's most ambitious and thoughtful cocktail list available. The menu is broken down into genres, including American-originated cocktails, Mexican and Caribbean-inspired libations, Old World European drinks, and flavors of the Middle East and Asia, as well as Navy strength, a nod to the boozy drinks that were popular with the area's seamen.

Maryland: The Bluebird Cocktail Room

Baltimore is a sought-after tourist destination, therefore making it incredibly easy to have a lackluster drink. Named after Charles Bukowski's poem, The Bluebird Cocktail Room is your answer to finding an excellent cocktail in the harbor town, Visit Baltimore notes. The setting is sophisticated yet inviting, and the menu is styled to read like a book (even including a prologue and table of contents). It's all in the details here. The ice cubes are carved from a 300-pound block, says Baltimore Magazine, ensuring a properly chilled and balanced beverage every single time.

Massachusetts: Drink

Boston is a hotbed of not only history but excellent food and drink offerings. Turn your head in any direction and you'll be met with interesting options and seaside delights. It's an oversaturated market, to say the least. The home of "Cheers" is also home to some serious craft cocktail institutions. Simply named Drink, this underground bar in the Seaport district is a favorite of locals and sought out by tourists seeking an authentic craft cocktail experience, says TimeOut. The unique thing about Drink? There's no menu. Instead, you must share your innermost thoughts (aka drink preferences) with their highly masterful bartenders and they'll be whipping up your soon-to-be new favorite cocktail in no time using quality spirits and homemade mixers. It's an experience that lives up to the hype.

Michigan: The Sugar House

If you're looking to wet your whistle, Detroit will gladly welcome you to any one of their number of sports bars, cocktail dens, or distilleries. We have The Sugar House to thank for Detroit's cocktail revival, Eater notes. Home to the finest barkeeps in the area, at this Corktown neighborhood spot you can sip on the best that the Golden Age of cocktails has to offer. The setting is intimate and welcoming, a respite from the far too often harsh Michigan winters. They offer standout martinis, a classic bee's knees, and a solid brandy Alexander. You can even take home one of their in-house-made bitters that come in interesting flavors like grapefruit, cardamom, and root beer.

Minnesota: Gori Gori Peku

If rare Japanese whiskies are your thing, you may have heard of Twin City's Gori Gori Peku. The unadvertised stop sits above the Minneapolis elevated Japanese spot, Kado No Mise, and features only a handful of seats and a small area of lounge seating. For the effort that it takes, the payoff is well worth it. Gori Gori Peku is home to one of the country's most extensive lists of rare Japanese whiskies, including some that cannot be found anywhere else. Cocktails are handcrafted from a selection of their finest whiskies and sake. It's all things intimate and opulent.

Mississippi: The Apothecary at Brent's Drugs

What do you have when you open a speakeasy at a classic soda fountain and diner? You have Jackson, Mississippi's The Apothecary at Brent's Drugs. Just steps from the family-friendly classic drug store soda fountain, the dimly lit speakeasy is a tribute to the pre-Prohibition cocktails that were used to cure ailments. Housed in what once was the pharmacy storeroom, guests can sip on a classic negroni or a riff on the Manhattan that features gin, named the Mr. Manhattan.

Missouri: Planter's House

Once you've had your fill of custard and toasted ravioli, it's only right that you end your evening at the premiere cocktail lounge of St. Louis, Planter's House. With exposed brick walls, the atmosphere is both chic and familiar with retro-outfitted lightning. The recipe for success may be in the establishment's seasonal creations that are centered around an ever-changing theme. One such seasonal menu, says Sauce Magazine, was a tribute to famous sci-fi robots and featured 18 drinks that called for elaborate house-made ingredients and artful techniques. With something for everyone, the menu also features a number of low-ABV and non-alcoholic beverages.

Montana: Sip 'n Dip Lounge

This may win the award for the most unique place to sip cocktails on our list. Located in Great Falls, Montana, you'll find the one and only Sip 'n Dip lounge. Voted No. 1 bar in the world by GQ, this literal motel bar, which dates back to 1962, features a lively pianist, tropical libations, and mermaids. What? Yes, mermaids. This larger-than-life aquarium style bar allows you to sip on your cocktails are you watch their famous mermaids take a dip. This South Seas themed spot is one of the last left of the great tiki fad of the mid-20th century.

Nebraska: Wicked Rabbit

It's time to grab Alice and head down the rabbit hole. Omaha, Nebraska may be a bit of a sleepy Midwest town, but it's also home to a very interesting modern-day speakeasy, Wicked Rabbit (via Luxe Beat Magazine). Housed within a tiny liquor store, this secret gem looks straight out of a fairytale. It's dimly lit, but the decor features tones of gold and deep purple. As you peruse their extensive cocktail collection, which is noted in a small vintage-looking book, you can sip on classics, like a whiskey sour or a Saturn, in a sophisticated setting.

Nevada: The Laundry Room

There's no shortage of places to grab a solid cocktail in Sin City, but you'll have to skip the flashiness of the strip for something truly special. Instead, head to the original Vegas — Fremont Street. Here, you'll find the reservation-only speakeasy, The Laundry Room. What's in the name? A lot of history, says Conde Nast Traveler. The century-old spot was an actual laundromat that served Vegas greats like The Rat Pack and Liberace. No photos, please. Pictures are strictly prohibited in this 22-seat hidden gem that's serving up standout cocktails.

New Hampshire: The Cave

The Omni Mt. Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH is a stunner in and of itself, and a favorite retreat of New England duelers. It is also home to a Prohibition-era speakeasy that is fitting for the area. The Cave, as it's called, is home to expertly crafted cocktails that can be sipped under the intimate bar's vaulted brick ceilings. The journey is just as good as the destination as you'll descend to the property's basement through a stunning, and slightly spooky, rock hallway, Best Things New Hampshire notes.

New Jersey: Lola's European Café

Asbury Park is a gastronomical hotbed and the unofficial capital of fine dining in New Jersey. Lola's European Café may be quaint compared to its neighboring swanky cocktail bars, but this rustic bar-meets-coffee shop offers up something the rest of the neighborhood doesn't. In addition to a standout bourbon and rye list, they handcraft cocktails using their selection of Italian-sourced gelato. A local favorite is the Bacio Di Nocciola which uses their in-house-made Bacio gelato with Frangelico and bourbon. The atmosphere is casual, says New Jersey Leisure Guide, and inviting with plenty of outdoor seating for those warm summer days.

New Mexico: Evangelo's Cocktail Lounge

Evangelo's Cocktail Lounge is the spot in Santa Fe if you're looking for a good time. With an unassuming interior, the cash-only bar is a favorite amongst locals and serves up over 200 types of imported beer in this dive-meets-Western-style haunt. But we're not visiting for the brew: We're here for the live music and the cocktails. It's not the first rodeo for the folks behind the bar, and they're serving up well-balanced tequila sunrises and other concoctions from their extensive liquor list. No frills.

New York: While We Were Young

We found the fountain of youth and it's in a small cocktail bar located in Manhattan's West Village. Kidding aside, New York City is home to a never-ending list of cocktail bars that wow and continue to receive acclaim. While We Were Young won us over, not for their airy and ultra-modern interior, but for the quality and fresh ingredients they use in their cocktails. The focus is on freshness, and you almost feel like you're doing something health-forward for your body in the process. They use fresh juices and infusions in their cocktails, like pear juice, watermelon, lavender honey, and butterfly pea flower. Our favorite cocktail is the "Too Good For You," which features tequila, kale, lime, agave, and cucumber.

North Carolina: The Blind Elephant

This next one is located in an easy to pass by, abandoned alley in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Rub elbows with history in the 1920s prohibition era style bar, The Blind Elephant. With live music on the regular, the exposed brick-lined walls welcome you into a bygone era. They are home to a large selection of bourbons, but we're there for the craft cocktails, which they cleverly call "Elixirs." Particularly, they are known for three varieties of mules on tap, including Moscow, Kentucky, and Border varieties.

North Dakota: Thomas & Moriarty's

They say it's better to be a big fish in a small pond, and that couldn't hold more truth than for Thomas & Moriarty's. Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, the craft cocktail bar has been making quite a name for itself, including landing on a USA Today list of the top 10 best cocktail bars in the country. Named after the "godfather of bartending," the hotspot is serving up old-school classics using homemade syrups like gin fizz. 

Ohio: The Spotted Owl

Dubbed the "next-wave mystic temple of cocktailing" by Esquire, The Spotted Owl in Cleveland hits all the right notes when it comes to a solid cocktail operation. Sip on well-thought-out drinks in a repurposed historical space from the 1850s. Their key to success is simple drinks, like a French 75 done exceptionally well with quality ingredients. The spot has gotten so popular that they've since opened a second location in a turn-of-the-century converted fire station.

Oklahoma: Stag Lounge

The Stag Lounge, located in downtown Oklahoma City, may be known for its extensive cigar selections, but they are also home to more than 350 bottles of whiskey and nearly 500 spirits. The cigar bar doesn't lack in the mixology department, as they use seasonal fresh ingredients for their rotating craft cocktail selections. Thanks to their well-curated liquor list and knowledgeable staff, they can whip up something based on your exact taste preferences.

Oregon: Hale Pele

In keeping with their unofficial motto, "Keep Weird," Portland is home to some unique offerings in cocktail department. Tiki God, Martin Cate, has also made his mark here in the Pacific Northwest with Hale Pele. The space is all things classic tiki and a dash of kitsch with a flowing river and volcano, as well as storm system that features an hourly thunderstorm. The atmosphere is stunningly immersive and the drinks can hold their own. The menu features tiki favorites, like mai tais and zombies, that are both expertly crafted and quite strong.

Pennsylvania: The Hershey Lodge

You'll have to travel west of Philadelphia for one of the most interesting cocktail spots on our list. Hint: If you love all things chocolate, then this one is definitely for you. The city of Hershey is the home of Milton S. Hershey, the revolutionary confectionery master and his sweet empire. The chocolate capital is now home to a globally recognized theme park and luxurious hotels. While some seek out thrilling roller coasters or tantalizing chocolate bars, our taste buds are there for their signature chocolate martinis. Varieties include a chocolate caramel as well as a Reese's peanut butter cup and the classic Hershey's Kisses signature martini. You can find them all across the property, but our preferred place to indulge in the good stuff is at the cozy Hershey Lodge. For the budding chocolatiers, they have even hosted a chocolate martini mixology class.

Rhode Island: The Eddy

The well-to-do college town of Providence is home to some winners in the food and beverage department. The Eddy is a stylish cocktail den that's well suited for the area, that features an array of classic cocktails and some more clever concoctions. They serve a daily house punch (that indeed packs a punch) but they also serve a standout old fashioned on draft that features Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon, as well as the "Figgy Stardust," a bourbon-based cocktail that uses figs (of course) and fig balsamic. Their house-made infusions are what set this spot apart from other cocktail bars, like lavender bitters and concord grape shrub.

South Carolina: The Bangkok Lounge

Karaoke bars may be synonymous with booze and blurry memories, but there's something inherently freeing about the stage beckoning you to lose all inhibitions. Located in the King Street Historic District of Charleston, The Bangkok Lounge is a unique karaoke lounge combined with a tropical bar. Drinks don't take a backseat to the musical fun — cocktails here are strong and cheap, served by knowledgeable and friendly staff, says Thrillist. Karaoke is offered seven nights a week here, along with frosty frozen libations and a late-night hot dog or two to soak up the liquid regret.

South Dakota: The Treasury

South Dakota may not be known for its bustling cocktail scene, but there's one diamond in the rough to be found at The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips in Sioux Falls. You may want to write it off as just another hotel bar, but it's so much more than that. This spot embraces its setting — an actual old vault of the building where you can still see remnants of safe deposit boxes. The bar is fully stocked, but they serve up an interesting selection of signature craft cocktails like the Lady In Waiting, which blends Glacial Lakes vodka with lavender bitters, earl grey cordial, and citric acid.

Tennessee: Red Phone Booth

Nashville may be known for its honky tonks and influx of celebrity-fueled ventures, but if you take just a few steps off the Downtown's major strip, Broadway, you may stumble upon a Red Phone Booth. No, you're not in England, but inside that discreet building is the city's first proper speakeasy, sister to its original Atlanta location. Here, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time as you wander the darkly-lit cocktail den with its smooth leather couches. The menu covers a wide range of classic cocktails — expertly crafted, may we add — with favorites including a smokey old fashioned that comes complete with a small fire show. They also boast an authentic pizza oven from Italy and are serving up some of the best Neopolitan pizza in the States as a result.

Texas: Lei Low

While Dallas often dazzles us with its impressive lineup of cocktail bars and dining establishments, we are opting to head south to Houston for this next one. Lei Low is kitschy perfection and everything we love about tiki. With a thatch roof adorning the bar and vibrant decor everywhere, this impressive spot is honoring the genre with expertly crafted and imaginative throwbacks to the heyday of Americans' fascination with all things Polynesian. They offer classics, like the mai tai, as well as spins on familiar drinks, like their "Barefoot in the Sand," which is an interpretation of the piña colada.

Utah: St Regis Deer Valley Bar

Park City is a world-class destination for those who love to ski. If you're looking for the ultimate après-ski, head up in one of the country's only funiculars to the St. Regis Deer Valley. The luxury resort is home to an expansive lobby bar that extends to a spacious outdoor area with fire pits and stunning snow-capped mountain views. In addition to their expensive wine collection and daily sunset champagne sabering ceremony (yes, that's real!), they are also mixing up some of the best cocktails in Utah. Standout cocktails include the 7452 Mary, which reflects the city's historic elements.

Vermont: Prohibition Pig

You may not think to head to Waterbury, Vermont when the craving for Southern-style BBQ strikes, but you can thank us later. The Prohibition Pig is all things hip in the town's Historic District, with over 20 craft beers on tap and an impressive dining menu. Our reason for visiting is not the chopped whole hog or sliced brisket, but their proper cocktails — like the old fashioned. There are over 10 signature cocktails to try, but we'll keep going back for this one every time.

Virginia: Baba

If you're looking to hob knob with Washington's elite, you can probably find them at Arlington, Virginia's Baba, a basement spot that is part cocktail bar, part coffee shop. It's more than suitable for a caffeine pick-me-up, but we love it in the evening. This hot spot is the meeting ground of classy and casual with a burning fireplace and a simple food menu that includes fried chicken with apple wasabi salsa and BBQ pork. The cocktails keep things interesting, like pink peppercorn tequila with jalapeño triple sec, or a mandarin orange cachaca.

Washington: Herb & Bitter Public House

Seattle is an imbiber's dream. There are plenty of spots to wet your whistle, but Herb & Bitter Public House has arguably the city's most extensive selection of liquor. This craft cocktail bar exudes vintage vibes and doles out a Spanish-influenced menu. While we will blissfully snack on their charcuterie plate all day, their cocktails are what keep the locals coming back. In addition to inventive creations like the Blood Diamond, which combines tequila, aperol, lime, blood orange, and grapefruit oils, they also feature a menu of herbal and bitter flights. If you're dipping your toe into the world of these liqueurs, you can start slowly with their Amaro flight.

West Virginia: The Jockey Club

This next one is a sort of hodgepodge of classy cocktail bar meets seedy, old-timey horse betting locale. It's strange, we know, but hear us out. Located in Huntington, West Virginia, The Jockey Club is hip, yet casual — it's where locals go to mingle and sip on cocktails made with care and even a little flair. In addition to standout mint juleps (it is slightly equestrian-themed, after all) and caipirinhas, they have a selection of Manhattans that we guarantee will pique your interest, and buzz.

Wisconsin: Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

It's called the best bar in Milwaukee for good reason. Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, also the town's oldest cocktail bar, is a nationally recognized den of cocktails with a wealth of history. Its origins bring it back to the late 1930s, and the location is actually where the pink squirrel drink was invented. The establishment is ultra-posh with a dash of hip, making it the perfect date night spot. Menus be damned, guests are encouraged to chat it up with their bartenders who will quiz them on their preferences and craft the perfect drink for their palate. Soda guns? Not here. These bartenders use time-tested methodologies that include the use of soda from cans only and never pre-made mixtures.

Wyoming: The Rose

Jackson Hole's The Rose, named one of Food & Wine Magazine's best bars in the United States, exudes elegance in not only the name but in the setting and its cocktails. Located at the Pink Garter Theatre, the welcoming lounge space brings big city vibes to the mountain town. Its menu features the classics, like the old fashioned and the French 75, while showcasing seasonal and fresh ingredients on its rotating menu. Call it the best of both worlds.