Top Your Glass Of Sangria With A Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream For Peak Deliciousness

Sangrias are refreshing and delicious but there are always ways to upgrade your next batch and elevate it to peak deliciousness. One easy way is to top your glass of sangria with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The result is a dreamy sangria float that your party guests will gush over and you'll want to make on repeat. 

You might wonder how this works. After all, since the spontaneous invention of the ice cream float, floats usually combine fountain soda, like root beer, with ice cream. Sangria floats work well and taste great simply because when you add something creamy and sweet to almost any sweet drink, the drink gets better. Humans find fat-rich foods more palatable, and the sangria's texture thickens, making the drink more enjoyable. Additionally, processed sugars are known to be irresistible. 

But does this work with all sangria flavors? Or just sangria made from red wine? We recommend making a sangria float first with vanilla ice cream and a red wine sangria. You can start with our refreshing red sangria recipe and go from there. Experiment with other sangria and ice cream flavors to see what combinations your palate prefers.

You can also top sangria with sorbets and plant-based ice creams

Instead of ice cream, you can add a fruity sorbet to the sangria and make a sangria sorbet float. Doing this, you won't need to add ice to your sangria, as the sorbet is adequately cold. A lovely combination would be adding a pineapple sorbet to a glass of white sangria. It reminds us of the tropical deliciousness of Dole Whip. And for those on a plant-based diet, sorbets are a great alternative to dairy-based ice creams.

There are also plenty of vegan ice creams one could use to make a sangria float. We've ranked 21 vegan ice cream brands from worst to best to help you pick the best plant-based ice cream to top your next glass of sangria. 

After you top your glass of sangria with ice cream, you can further elevate the boozy float with a dollop of whipped cream or whipped coconut cream. Then, top the cream with fresh fruits and enjoy a drink fit for royalty. As always, imbibe responsibly.