Here's Where Costco's Lamb Chops Really Come From

Whether looking for great deals or high-quality meat and produce, shopping at Costco is dependably a good call. The brand is able to keep its prices lower than most other retailers through selling in bulk, and the membership fee. The butcher section is one of the best sections of the store to take advantage of these values, specifically the lamb chops that are turning heads.

This delicious cut is incredibly well-priced, as low as $5.99 a pound. Yet the meat is thick and generous, perfect for a low-cost round of garlicky pan-seared lamb chops. This begs the question: Where does the retailer source their lamb?

The retailer's business model intentionally shrouds producers in the supply chain, making the deduction difficult. The packaging reveals few details as it typically only states that the lamb is imported from Australia. Through some internet sleuthing, we have found that the Swift Meats brand is behind the deal. Their website reveals they're sold at locations in 45 states, and some Costco locations do note their name. So rest assured, you're getting some good chops for dinner.

Costco lamb chops are sourced from Australia and distributed through Swift Meats

The Costco lamb chops contain many favorable attributes. The meat is free-range, and raised without any additives and hormones. It's halal certified, so there's no need to stress regarding dietary laws. And it's on the leaner side, making it one of the best cuts of lamb chop for grilling. It all sounds like a delectable arrangement of components — so who is the Swift Meats proprietor behind these cuts of lamb?

It's a brand owned by the larger conglomerate JBS food group. With a headquarters in Brazil, it's a global enterprise that's the biggest meatpacking company in the world. Their Swift Meats subsidiary produces just about any meat imaginable other than chicken. And don't let their size dissuade you — this company has been in the industry since the 1850s. In fact, they were innovators of technologies like the refrigerated railroad car. So even though that lamb hails from a faraway land down under, it's still ensured to be as fresh and high quality as possible. Now that's a good sign for a tasty lamb chop dinner.