The Trader Joe's Snack We'll Be Garnishing Our Cocktails With All Summer

Raspberry fans are rejoicing over the return of Trader Joe's freeze-dried raspberries just in time for summer drinks. We all know that fresh raspberries are the most fickle of fruits. The delicate berries are easily damaged and go moldy in the blink of an eye, which makes having a handy, shelf-stable source so delightful, especially when you love raspberry-laced cocktails like the frothy Clover Club and the elegant Floradora. Or maybe you just love an extravagantly pink garnish. Either way, TJ's freeze-dried raspberries will be the hero for many of your summer drinks. The bright raspberry flavor isn't muddied with the sulfur you sometimes find in dried fruits, and there's no additional sugar that could distract from the tartness we love in a good berry cocktail.

Crisp, fruity dried raspberries are perfect for floating whole atop a cocktail (or a refreshing unspiked lemonade). They are also super easy to crush into a decorative powder for glass décor — a trick you can't do with fresh berries. And, if you just need a few raspberries, you can seal up the bag for your next mixology session and not waste a pricey basket of the fresh variety.

Get your summer drink recipes ready for these glow ups

If you want to make a splash with your summer cocktail recipes, don't underestimate the power of a beautiful garnish. Floating whole or crushed freeze-dried raspberries are a lovely sight on a foamy shaken cocktail. They'd be great sprinkled on a whiskey sour or used to brighten up your monochromatic espresso martini. You can shake them into a margarita to get a sunset-like blend of shades or use them to add a burst of color to simple vodka soda.

If you'd prefer to use freeze-dried raspberries on the glass rather than inside, you'll love how easily they crush into magenta-colored dust that's perfect for mixing with sugar to create a pink-rimmed masterpiece. You can use simple syrup, agave, or even maple syrup and a pastry brush to slather one side of a rocks glass to make a sticky surface for rolling in your crushed raspberries. Think about swapping the sugar for salt for an amazing raspberry margarita garnish, too. Dip the edge of your margarita glasses into a saucer of chamoy and then give them a swirl through the salty raspberry mixture. This garnish is not just about color, but also the amazing tart raspberry flavor from these freeze-dried gems.