The Nespresso Tip That Ensures A Personalized Brew Every Time

You might have already experimented with all the various coffee capsule possibilities for your Nespresso machine but still have not found just the right brew. Any barista can tell you that the coffee bean blend is just one part of the final flavor in your cup — the amount of water you use is also important. No matter which Nespresso machine you own, there's an easy way to adjust the brew volume to get exactly the right taste you want, whether that's a stronger, shorter cup or a more diluted version. Just hold down your brew button when you're ready to make a cup rather than tapping it. Keep pressing until you have the right amount of coffee and then let up to stop the flow.

This trick works to reset the amount of water used for the button that was pressed, so from now on, you can count on the same personalized brew if you choose the same coffee pod. Update the amount by pressing and holding for a new volume, or reset back to the factory setting if you want (check the instructions for your machine — the reset is a bit different for each).

The volume of your coffee is an individual preference

Nespresso's coffee pods are all marked for the size cup they're intended to produce. For example, the ones that are designated lungo are meant to be brewed with more water, but that assumes you'll like the blend more diluted. The lungo factory setting dispenses 110 ml of water, a little under a half cup of liquid. If you like a stronger cup, reducing that volume a bit might make a big difference, especially if you plan to add coffee or ice to your brew.

Likewise, Nespresso's setting for espresso (40 ml) is a bit more volume than the average 1-ounce shot that baristas prefer to brew. You might want to decrease your button's volume output to get a shot that closer to that at your local coffee shop. Or, on the other hand, if you love the flavor of one of the espresso pods but want a bit more mellow expression of the flavor, let a little more water flow through the pod. No matter if you're making a foamy espresso martini or an eye-opening coffee smoothie, you'll enjoy your beverage more with coffee that's personalized to your taste.