Kit Kat Introduces Pink Lemonade Flavor For Summer

An old saying goes something like this: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That could definitely apply to the foods, drinks, and treats, including one of America's best-selling candy bars, the Kit Kat. But resting on its laurels isn't a given with Hershey, the company that sells Kit Kats in the U.S. market. It does, however, offer occasional new renditions of old-time favorites, including its most recent offering for summer 2024: The Kit Kat Pink Lemonade Flavored Bar. 

Touted as an innovative creation that will "snap Americans into a summertime state of mind," per a press release, this limited-edition release has a strong seasonal connection. It nods to the iconic hot-weather drink, pink lemonade, featuring that distinct flavor in the creamy concoction, along with unexpected hints of strawberry. Hershey acknowledges a goal of reaching Gen Z and Millennial generations with this flavor, stating that 93% of them show a preference for pink lemonade flavors.   

Hershey notes other existing Kit Kat renditions falling into the same "unexpected" theme. They include, among others, the confetti-inspired Birthday Cake Kit Kat, a Chocolate Frosted Donut bar, and a Mint + Dark Chocolate one. They're all part of a Hershey product strategy that includes the stable of everyday Kit Kats, the separate seasonal offerings, and special limited-time launches. 

Unexpected Kit Kat flavors vary around the world

Kit Kat bars had their somewhat humble beginnings in the United Kingdom, launching under a different name in 1935, as part of the Rowntree family of chocolate treats. Decades later, Hershey obtained Kit Kat rights in the U.S., and Nestle eventually took over for most other countries. Because of that, new Kit Kat flavors vary significantly, with Hershey generally being the most conservative. 

The everyday Kit Kat offerings in America are a tight-knit group comprised of the basic three: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white cream, plus others that appear to be permanent, at least for now. Those include the birthday cake Kit Kat, along with ones featuring flavors of mint, lemon crisp, and frosted donuts. The seasonal and special-edition bars have been more adventurous, though not necessarily more embraced.   

The one-off Kit Kats are usually worth a try, especially with fun themes such as the Breaking Bones release for Halloween, which featured "bone-white" creme. Others are very much up to personal taste, such as the 2023 churro flavor and a 2022 breakfast-themed Kit Kat attempting to impersonate a blueberry muffin. That's still pretty mild compared to the hundreds of Japanese experimental Kit Kat flavors such as wasabi, sweet potatoes, and green tea matcha. Out of the 15 million-plus Kit Kats rolling off factory lines every day in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the new and considerably less-risky Kit Kat Pink Lemonade Flavored Bar stands to garner more than a few fans.