Swap Espresso With Coffee Paste For An Affogato That Doesn't Melt Away

Coffee lovers know that the drink isn't just meant for brightening your mornings. Thanks to Italians, we can also enjoy our java as a post-dinner treat in a rich and creamy affogato. The dessert combines just two ingredients — coffee and gelato (or sometimes ice cream in the U.S.) — for a delightful mashup of hot versus cold and bitter versus sweet.

The only problem with an affogato? As appealing as the hot espresso can taste when contrasted with frigid ice cream, the former will inevitably melt the latter. Especially if you're savoring this treat on a hot summer day, your gelato will melt extra fast, and you'll quickly wind up with a cup full of soupy liquid. To fix this, swap out your espresso with a novel but tasty ingredient: coffee paste (via @ethanrodecoffee on TikTok). Because this substance is room temperature, mixing it with your gelato will give you all of the yummy java flavor, while keeping the gelato's frozen consistency intact for as long as possible.

A little coffee paste goes a long way

If you've never heard of coffee paste, that's not too surprising — it's more of a specialty ingredient, often used to make syrup or frosting. It typically comes in a squeezable tube, meaning it can also be used by hikers or campers to make a cup of joe on the go. Essentially, coffee paste is a concentrated form of java, made by combining coffee, sugar, and water. When buying your tube, make sure you're not accidentally choosing coffee extract or powder, or beaten coffee paste, which is less concentrated.

When it comes to making an affogato that won't melt, first select your vanilla gelato (Talenti's Madagascan Vanilla Bean is our absolute favorite) or ice cream. Then plop a scoop in a glass or bowl like you normally would, and squeeze a little coffee paste over the top, tasting and adding more if desired. In true affogato style, you can strategically choose your spoonfuls so that a little paste makes it into each scoop; or you can stir the two together, turning your creation into something more reminiscent of coffee ice cream. And if your ideal affogato contains some liquor, no need to hold back there. Top off your bowl with a splash of amaretto, Bailey's, Kahlúa, rum, Campari, or whichever boozy beverage you enjoy with coffee flavors. Now you can take your time enjoying your dessert, knowing it will take much longer than normal to melt.