Add Instant Espresso To Cold Foam For A Dreamy Iced Coffee

Coffee lovers will tell you there's nothing more refreshing than a good glass of iced coffee. However, there's a way to upgrade iced coffee from good to unforgettably dreamy. All you have to do is add a creamy, cold foam to take iced coffee to the next level. What is cold foam, you ask? It's non-fat milk whipped until foamy, like a puff of cloud, but not stiff like whipped cream. 

While cold foam usually doesn't taste like coffee or espresso, you can sweeten cold foam with maple syrup or caramel. Baristas can also add pistachio cream and spices. But when you add instant espresso to cold foam, make an easy iced coffee, and top it with the coffee-flavored cold foam, the result might be your best glass of iced coffee yet. 

To make espresso-flavored cold foam, Blue Bottle Coffee recommends creating an espresso base by combining a packet of instant espresso with an ounce of water. Then, mix 1 tablespoon of the base with 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of milk. From there, you'll froth your blend until it has doubled in size and pour it over your coffee of choice.

Jazz up your espresso-flavored cold foam with syrups or sea salt

Feel free to sweeten your espresso or coffee-flavored cold foam if you have a sweet tooth. You can add agave syrup, maple syrup, honey, sugar, or any other sweetener you have in your pantry. Caramel or sweetened condensed milk works too. For more ideas, check out Tasting Table's list of 12 coffee syrup brands, ranked worst to best.

Additionally, a sprinkle of sea salt can add depth to your cold foam. A touch of miso to the cold foam can add a pleasant umami. And extracts such as hazelnut or almond can add nuanced flavor to your coffee cold foam. 

After you make your coffee or espresso-flavored cold foam, try using it with different cold coffee drinks other than iced coffee, such as iced lattes. Cold foams, being just aerated non-fat milk, can lose their structure and form quickly in hot drinks, so it's best to use them over cold drinks. Coffee cold foam can also be added over a glass of plain cold milk, as you would add the viral Korean dalgona coffee foam over milk to make a coffee drink.