What Makes Nespresso's Nº20 Coffee Pods Unique?

Nespresso's Nº20 coffee pods are more than just your average cup of joe — they're a journey to the heart of Colombia, where you can taste the rich soil, high altitude, and meticulous farming practices in every sip. We've taken the time to rank 13 flavors of Nespresso pods, but let's dive into the unique characteristics that make Nº20 stand out.

This coffee blend is a tribute to the Colombian landscape, where coffee cultivation thrives amidst breathtaking mountain vistas and fertile valleys. Grown in the heart of Colombia's coffee-growing regions, this coffee embodies its terroir, capturing the unique flavors and aromas that can only be found in this part of the world. One of the defining features of Nº20 is its delightful combination of citrus and floral notes, which are reminiscent of orange blossom. This harmonious blend of flavors creates a sensory experience that is both refreshing and aromatic.

What makes Colombian coffee so special, and why is Nº20 unique even among its peers? It all comes down to the region's ideal growing conditions. High altitudes, ample rainfall, and rich volcanic soil create the perfect environment for cultivating high-quality coffee beans with complex flavor profiles. Nespresso's commitment to sustainability further enhances the appeal of Nº20. Through regenerative farming practices, Nespresso works hand in hand with local farmers to promote soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation.

The farmers Nespresso works with matter

By nurturing the land and working with a small group of select farmers, Nespresso ensures that each cup tastes exceptional and contributes to a more sustainable future for coffee-growing communities. Nº20 coffee in particular is sourced from 59 farms. Compared to the standard collection of 30 coffee blends Nespresso continually produces, Nº20 coffee comes from a relatively small group of farms in a very specific region. Other blends can use beans from three or more countries, which eliminates the ability to taste the terroir of any single region. While the number of farms that produce in each of these countries is not disclosed, it's likely safe to assume that it's more than Nº20's 59 farms.

Additionally, Nespresso's partnership with AAA farmers goes beyond the farm gate. Through open-source agricultural research, Nespresso shares its findings with farmers worldwide, empowering them to adopt sustainable practices and improve the quality of their coffee crops. In essence, Nespresso's Nº20 coffee pods offer more than just a caffeine fix (some pods even contain vitamins); they offer a taste of Colombian terroir, a commitment to sustainability, and a glimpse into the future of coffee farming.