The Viral Chocolate Bar That Is Rare To Find Anywhere But Dubai

Leave it to a confectionary in Dubai to come up with a treat that leaves the rest of us drooling. The city's Fix Dessert Chocolatier is responsible for making thick chocolate bars packed with a range of ingredients. These stuffed Hero Bars have captured the internet's attention, from the Donut Be Latte Bar that hides donuts inside, to the Can't Get Khanafed Of It, a milk chocolate bar filled with a mix of crispy khanafeh, pistachios, and tahini spread. 

Originating in the Middle East, khanafeh (also called knafeh and kanafeh) is a traditional dessert that offers buttery bites of shredded phyllo dough and cheese flavored with a sticky orange blossom simple syrup. The pastry serves up layers of satisfying texture, and variations can include nuts, dried fruit, and rich clotted cream. We can only imagine what this decadent treat must taste like when combined with nutty tahini and pistachios and packed between layers of crisp chocolate. "The fix was real," Instagram user @simisinnies stated simply.

How to sample a khanafeh-stuffed chocolate bar

Though not everyone can make it to Dubai, committed shoppers and chocoholics are tracking down the thick, crunchy chocolate bars for purchase on platforms such as Etsy. Other determined TikTokkers have attempted to make the Can't Get Khanafed Of It chocolate bar at home. Judging from their reactions, they have managed to do so quite well without having to blow close to $18 on a specialty chocolate bar. 

Combining shredded phyllo known as kataifi (which is sometimes used to make a variation of baklava), pistachio sauce, and milk chocolate, and then letting the mixture harden in the fridge, their efforts have proven inspiringly successful, with no plane ticket or hotel bookings required. 

While at-home culinary projects may not have the pretty packaging or marbelized aesthetic that Fix Dessert Chocolatier offers in its Hero Bars, you can sample a fairly close representation of the blend of flavors without getting yourself to Dubai. If you do happen to find yourself in the U.A.E., however, Fix offers next-day delivery and has numerous locations so you can pick up one of these chocolate bars for yourself.