This Bestselling Rosé Wine Outperforms Its Low Price

The assumption that a hefty price tag equates to quality is a common misconception when it comes to wine. In fact, in the United States, one wine defies this stereotype by outselling many high-priced competitors while maintaining an affordable price point. While some might expect a Napa Cabernet or a prestigious Bordeaux to claim the title of best-selling wine, the crown surprisingly belongs to a delightful pink drink: Whispering Angel Rosé.

This French import from Provence has soared in popularity, captivating American wine drinkers with its refreshing taste and approachable price point of $22.99. Unlike some high-end rosés, Whispering Angel offers a taste of the South of France without breaking the bank. This Provence-style rosé embodies elegance, freshness, and a delightful balance of fruit flavors. The pale pink hue and crisp, dry style evoke the idyllic French countryside.

However, what sets this brand apart is not just its taste, but also its accessibility. Whispering Angel's branding taps into an aspirational image, offering a taste of the French Riviera at an attainable price. Its price point has allowed it to appeal to a broad range of wine drinkers, from millennials exploring the world of wine to seasoned connoisseurs seeking a refreshing option — making wine appreciation more inclusive and enjoyable by offering quality rosé at an accessible price point for everyday enjoyment.

Bring on the wine revolution

One of the critical factors driving Whispering Angel's success, alongside the trend of rosé consumption in the U.S. skyrocketing in recent years, is its marketing strategy. From partnering with Coachella to drawing influence from modern bars and trendy restaurants, founder Sacha Lichine explored unique ways to penetrate the zeitgeist — which ultimately paid off. The brand, whose fans include Adele and Victoria Beckham, also uses celebrity status to raise awareness.

Another aspect that contributes to Whispering Angel's appeal is its versatility. Like many Provence rosés, it harmonizes well with various foods — including Niçoise Salad, grilled veggie pizza, and spicy shrimp scampi — making the wine a reliable choice for different occasions, from casual gatherings to formal dinners. Its crisp acidity and vibrant fruit notes make it a refreshing choice for warm summer days, yet sophisticated enough to accompany a range of cuisines year-round. 

Ultimately, Whispering Angel strikes a balance between value, a certain level of quality, and brand recognition. The combination of taste, affordability, and marketing savvy has made Whispering Angel the toast of the town (or, should we say, table?), appealing to a diverse range of wine enthusiasts and cementing its place as a beloved favorite in the market.