Turn Grilled Cheese Into The Ultimate Party Treat With A Simple Bread Swap

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food and a dish that just about everyone at a party will enjoy. If you agree, then you need to know about the simple bread swap that takes grilled cheese to the next level. The trick? Use slider buns to turn the grilled cheese into a delicious, handheld snack.

You can use any type of slider roll that you like — brioche buns, pretzel buns, etc. — but one of the best types of slider buns to use is sweet Hawaiian rolls. Not only are they delicious and bring a subtle sweetness to complement the richness of the cheese but they're also easy to work with. Hawaiian sweet rolls are not yet sliced in half (as other slider buns would be), making it easy for you to cut them into three slices vertically. This turns them into mini thin-bread slices that work well for grilled cheese. If you decide to go with more traditional slider buns, you may want to press them down to make them flatter and thinner for this recipe.

Whichever bread you go with, spread softened butter on the outside — feel free to mix in herbs for extra flavor — then place butter-side-down on a baking sheet. Add the cheese of your choosing on top of the bread, then place the top bread piece over the cheese. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or until golden brown and crispy on the outside, flipping halfway through.

Get creative with the mini grilled cheese treats

This recipe, at its simplest, is going to be a hit at your next party, but you can also play around with upgrading and customizing the mini grilled cheeses. For example, instead of smearing plain butter on the bread's exterior, you can add extra flavor by using homemade 3-ingredient garlic butter or, for a sweeter version, spiced honey butter.

Additionally, just because these grilled cheeses are mini doesn't mean that you can't fill them up with several cheeses or various fillings if you so please. Maybe you want to use a mix of cheeses — say, cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan — to make it extra cheesy and delicious. Or, maybe you want to make an elevated mini-sandwich and take inspiration from our brown butter spinach and ricotta grilled cheese. You can also forgo traditional cheese slices and make miniature pimento grilled cheeses instead.

Even just adding some kind of meat, such as bacon or pulled pork, will make the mini grilled cheeses even more memorable as well as more filling and satisfying. You can also add something like caramelized onions or, for a kick of heat, jalapeños for upgraded grilled cheeses.