The Vodka Swap To Make For A More Flavorful Screwdriver Cocktail

The screwdriver is one of the best cocktails that feature only two ingredients — all it takes is orange juice and vodka to bring this drink together. Even though it only has two ingredients, there are still a few decisions to make when it comes to mixing this simple cocktail, such as if you want to take the time to freshly squeeze your own orange juice or simply go with a store-bought bottle.

But more importantly, you have to choose the right vodka — and we don't just mean choosing a brand. There's an easy way to make your screwdriver even more flavorful: Swap out regular vodka for flavored vodka. There are countless vodka flavors out there, many of which would blend in beautifully into a screwdriver. Pineapple, grape, and raspberry are just a few flavors that complement orange well. Even something like vanilla vodka would work well in a screwdriver; after all, vanilla and orange are paired together in desserts all the time, such as with orange creamsicles or orange-vanilla cakes.

If you want to transform the screwdriver into a dessert-like drink, you can opt for a vodka that leans on the sweet side with its flavoring. For example, you can pair the orange juice with whipped cream vodka or even chocolate vodka, both of which will make the screwdriver into a creamier, sweeter, and more decadent variation on the classic drink.

How to dress up and garnish your flavored screwdriver

Using flavored vodka for the screwdriver also gives you a good opportunity to get creative with your garnish instead of sticking with the typical orange slice. For example, if you decide to make your screwdriver with raspberry vodka, you can garnish with fresh raspberries or even other types of berries to make the drink extra fruity — or you can use frozen berries to keep the cocktail cold and garnish it at the same time. Similarly, if you use grape vodka, you can add frozen grapes to the glass, and if you use pineapple vodka, you can use a pineapple slice as a garnish.

If you decide to use one of the dessert-like vodkas — whether whipped cream, chocolate, or another fun flavor — you may want to consider turning the drink into a frozen screwdriver. To do this, simply add ice to the recipe and blend until the consistency is just right. You can top off the frozen boozy treat with a dollop of actual whipped cream. To take it a step further, you can drizzle hot fudge sauce over the whipped cream.