Walmart Introduces Bettergoods, An Elevated Grocery Brand To Rival Target's Good & Gather

Marking its largest private-brand food launch in 20 years, Walmart has announced the release of its new elevated food brand, bettergoods. While many of the products that will be available under the bettergoods brand name are already available at your local Walmart, the full lineup will slowly be released over the coming months. An obvious competitor is Target's Good & Gather brand, which has offered Target customers premium food products since 2019.

Target may have the lead on this product idea, but it's in for some stiff competition now that bettergoods has arrived. At face value, both stores offer similar products. You can buy electronics, clothes, and household goods alongside your groceries at both locations. But that hasn't translated to equal success in every department. Walmart is widely considered one of the most affordable grocery stores in recent years, with a larger selection of groceries to choose from. That translates into higher grocery sales for Walmart across the board.

Until now, Target has been able to capitalize on a customer base looking for higher-quality food products. Whether Walmart's bettergoods brand will be enough to entice new customers to its stores remains to be seen, but at the very least, it expands its market appeal. Walmart's commitment to providing good quality for a great price translates to the new food brand as well, with many of the products carrying a price tag under $5. In a market where shoppers are looking for ways to tighten their budgets without sacrificing quality, bettergoods is primed to perform well.

What to expect from bettergoods

There are several key features of the bettergoods brand that we're looking forward to. One main component is a focus on what the company is calling culinary experiences, which translates to flavorful seasonings and ready-made products like jar soups that feature innovative recipes and ingredients. Details are limited on what specific products we should expect, but frozen foods, canned goods, and basic ingredients like pasta are all likely to get the culinary experience treatment. The focus on flavor is just one more example of store brands leaning more into premium grocery options over the past few years.

Apart from flavor, the bettergoods brand is highly focused on health. Customers can expect a wide range of plant-based products to be released under the brand, including plant-based milks and cheeses, as well as non-dairy frozen desserts. That will be particularly appealing to the vegetarians and vegans among us, though plant-based foods do have broader appeal.

The third focus is also about health but has less to do with dietary restrictions and more to do with a rising consumer interest in less-processed foods. Bettergoods is placing a huge emphasis on foods that are "made without" — meaning groceries made without added sugar, antibiotics, or artificial flavors, among other ingredients that consumers have turned sour on. Store-brand groceries are more popular than ever, and it's nice to see that consumer investment is being rewarded with products that people actually want sold at prices they can actually afford.