Dunk Canned Cinnamon Rolls In French Toast Batter For A Sweet Concoction

There are a number of creative ways to use canned cinnamon rolls, such as transforming them into bread pudding or making dessert pizzas. One of the best ways? Using them to make French toast for an even sweeter morning dish.

Here's what you do: Make the canned cinnamon rolls according to the instructions one day before you want to make the French toast — although feel free to enjoy some of the fresh cinnamon rolls. You want the cinnamon rolls to be a day old so that they get stale, as even minor staleness will soak up the custard mixture better. When they're a day old, slice the cinnamon rolls in half so that they're thinner, then dip into the egg custard mixture from your favorite French toast recipe — you can always refer to our milk bread French toast or even our dairy-free French toast. Finally, cook the cinnamon rolls as you would for regular French toast and enjoy. The result is a version of French toast that is sweeter, more cinnamon-y, and more memorable than a typical plate of French toast. 

How to serve cinnamon roll French toast

Cinnamon roll French toast is going to be a bit sweeter than normal French toast, so keep that in mind when deciding how to plate and serve the breakfast treat — you may just want to eat them by themselves. Or, you can serve them alongside a couple savory breakfast dishes, such as eggs and bacon, to have a balance of sweet and savory in the morning. 

If you serve them on their own, they also taste delicious drizzled in maple syrup or butter. If you want to add in some extra flavor, you can opt for a flavored butter, such as coffee butter, for a more unique and exciting pairing. To turn the dish into a full-blown dessert, you can even add whipped cream — and perhaps even a specialty homemade version, such as honey whipped cream.

The cinnamon roll French toast will also taste delicious with fresh fruit added, such as berries, kiwi, or bananas (or some combination thereof). Or, you can take the fruit idea to the next level and make simple strawberry compote to complement the French toast.