Review: Jack Daniel's Ginger Ale Canned Cocktail Is A Convenient And Tasty Addition To Its Ready-To-Drink Lineup

Ready-to-drink cocktails (also known as RTDs) are one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage categories in the 2020s. Estimated to be worth a whopping $18 billion as of 2023, the canned cocktail industry is only expected to grow over the next decade. With RTDs available to suit virtually any palate — such as a variety of popular hard seltzer brands, a Grey Goose RTD martini, and a pickle-flavored canned cocktail from Spritz Society – consumers can't get enough of easy-drinking, premade cocktails.

Jack Daniel's is no stranger to this booming market, and recently released a whiskey and ginger ale canned cocktail to join its other RTD offerings (including a whiskey and cola variety, and a honey whiskey and lemonade). I was able to try the new Jack Daniel's whiskey and ginger ale canned cocktail to see how it tastes and whether it's able to boost the distillery's standing in our ranking of popular store-bought canned cocktails. Keep reading to learn more about this whiskey-based RTD as I review the new Jack Daniel's and ginger ale canned cocktail.

This review is based on firsthand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

What is Jack & Ginger Ale canned cocktail?

The Jack & Ginger Ale is the newest member of the RTD line produced by the historic Jack Daniel's distillery. The first registered distillery in the United States, Jack Daniel's is renowned worldwide for its whiskies — particularly its Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The spirit begins with a mash bill of 80% corn, 12% barley, and 8% rye that's cooked in water from the Cave Spring Hollow in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Once distilled, Jack Daniel's ages its whiskey in new, charred-oak barrels until the distillery's master tasters determine it is ready to bottle and sell.

Beyond the brand's painstakingly crafted, signature Tennessee whiskey, the new whiskey and ginger ale RTD from Jack Daniel's contains a top-notch variety of ginger ale, as well. The premium-tasting ginger ale ensures this canned cocktail mirrors the popular mixed drink with this convenient (and portable) premade drink.

Additionally, the Jack & Ginger Ale comes in at 7.0% ABV (alcohol by volume). This may be a bit stronger than many beers, but it's likely less potent than your average bar-made whiskey cocktail.

Price and where to buy Jack & Ginger Ale

The suggested retail price for a single 12-ounce can of Jack & Ginger Ale is $3.49, and $12.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce cans. Of course, the actual price for a single can or four-pack is likely to vary depending on where you purchase the product. Different stores may charge more or less depending on a number of factors, including the city and state where a store is located.

Additionally, the new RTD canned cocktail from Jack Daniel's is set to be available throughout the U.S., meaning you should be able to find it at various liquor stores, big box stores, and grocery stores (depending on your local and state laws). Now, while the new Jack & Ginger Ale is scheduled to be sold nationwide, the recent release date means it may not be in stock at your local store just yet. In fact, as of this writing, the new Jack Daniel's RTD variety appears to be somewhat difficult to come by at many locations.

Still, the new whiskey and ginger ale canned cocktail doesn't appear to be a limited-time item. In other words, it should be in stock in most locations sooner than later — likely in stores where other Jack Daniel's canned cocktails are sold.

Jack & Ginger Ale taste test

Jack Daniel's undoubtedly knows what it's doing when it comes to whiskey. In that sense, it was wonderful to see the distillery chose to keep its whiskey center stage in this canned cocktail. The unmistakable flavor of Jack Daniel's whiskey came through from the first sip, and I found it tasted more like a standard mixed drink rather than a sugary, whiskey-flavored soda.

Now, Jack Daniel's doesn't divulge what ginger ale it uses in this recipe. But it's got a nice, spicy ginger bite that complements the whiskey beautifully without overpowering it. It's bright and gives the whiskey spices just the right kick. The distillery hasn't muddied the waters with any additional lime or flavors, either, so it's a very straightforward whiskey & ginger cocktail.

This RTD cocktail is also refreshingly delicious on ice with its pleasing level of tongue-tickling carbonation. It's spirit-forward enough to appease whiskey drinkers but balanced enough to be a crowd-pleaser. For my money, it's Jack Daniel's strongest canned cocktail offering to date.

Jack & Ginger Ale vs. similar canned cocktails

How does Jack & Ginger Ale compare to other canned whiskey cocktails? Simply put: it stands out above much of the competition. Jameson Ginger & Lime, for example, has such a strong vanilla flavor and sweetness that it almost tastes like cream soda. Since whiskey tends to take on vanilla notes during the oak barrel-aging process already, the vanilla-leaning ginger ale used by the brand is a bit too much to handle when combined in its RTD cocktail. With its new Jack & Ginger Ale, though, the Jack Daniel's distillery wisely opted to keep any vanilla flavors in check by using a more aromatic, citrusy style of ginger ale.

In terms of quality, Jack & Ginger Ale is more on par with the Cutwater Whiskey Mule, with a crisp zing of ginger and warming spice to support the whiskey. But Jack & Ginger Ale slightly edges out the Cutwater Whiskey Mule RTD cocktail because of its appealing and unadulterated simplicity. It's a simple thing done well — and who can complain about that?

Jack & Ginger Ale vs. mixing your own

Let's start from the financial point of view. After crunching the numbers, it may be slightly cheaper to let Jack Daniel's do the mixing for you and buy the canned cocktail. Then again, the exact cost will vary depending on several factors. If you use cheaper ginger ale or buy a larger bottle of whiskey, for instance, the DIY version may have a slight edge.

But finances aren't the only consideration. After all, you can also choose your favorite ginger ale or make the drink stronger or less potent when you mix it yourself. While some consumers may prefer this ability to customize, others may find the predictable consistency of Jack Daniel's RTD whiskey and ginger ale far more appealing. The canned version's foolproof recipe allows you to be mindful of your alcoholic intake, and carrying a four-pack of cans in a cooler is a much easier alternative.

More than anything, though, Jack Daniel's has selected a ginger ale that mixes fantastically with its whiskey. The soda doesn't overwhelm the whiskey with ginger nor does it taste too sweet or vanilla-esque. The mixing ratio hits the right spot, too, as there's enough whiskey flavor — but not so much that it would knock you out after just one. This canned cocktail tastes similar to what you'd find at a bar with tightly controlled pours. Since this canned cocktail is almost identical to an actual mixed drink, it's a worthy substitute.

Is Jack & Ginger Ale worth it?

So is Jack & Ginger Ale worth a try? Yes: it absolutely is. Frankly, this RTD cocktail gets a thumbs-up on pretty much every measure. It's a decent value, it's made with quality ingredients, it's easy to buy (assuming it's in stock near you), and effortless to consume. Most crucially, the new Jack Daniel's whiskey and ginger ale canned cocktail passes a standard taste test with flying colors. It may not be particularly sophisticated or complex (given there are just two essential components). But it's a solidly refreshing and flavorful beverage nonetheless.

Like a standard Jack Daniel's and ginger ale made fresh, the ginger ale used in this RTD cocktail brings out the nuances of the whiskey without the need for complicated mixology or fussy ingredients. It strikes a delicate balance between spicy and sweet, refined and comfortable, traditional and new. It sits right in that sweet spot of familiar yet intriguing, which makes for an inviting, welcoming beverage that's great for sharing with friends. Jack & Ginger Ale is an easy-to-drink and satisfying canned cocktail you'll reach for again and again.