Review: Spritz Society's Claussen Pickle-Flavored Canned Cocktail Is A Tangy Treat

In April 2022, Spritz Society decided to have a little fun with their fans by announcing an unconventional flavor as an April Fool's prank: sour pickle. Far from the intended grimaces, the jest sparked an intriguing reaction. Fans of the brand flipped the script entirely, expressing a sincere interest in sampling this peculiar flavor. Little did they know, their curiosity and interest would bring the joke to life.

Fast forward more than a year and the unexpected has come to fruition. In a surprising partnership, Claussen Pickles and Spritz Society have answered their fans' offbeat tastes by introducing a pickle-flavored cocktail. With a nod towards those initial prank-inspired requests, this unusual beverage has become a reality, ready to add an unexpected tang to summer refreshments. We were delighted to take a few sips of the Spritz Society Pickle and are ready to give you all the details about this pickley tipple, including its origins, where to find it, and whether or not it's worth a try.

What is the Spritz Society Pickle?

The world of wine is expansive and diverse, and seldom does it cross paths with the tangy realm of pickles. However, with the advent of the Spritz Society Pickle, this fascinating combination takes center stage. The concoction is, as we mentioned, a result of an unexpected partnership between the innovative cocktail company Spritz Society and trusted pickle purveyor Claussen. Off the bat, it's fair to say this pairing challenges the norm and invites us to explore the unpredictable. These drinks come in a ready-to-drink can, and all you need to do is pour the bubbly contents over ice and garnish however you'd like.

The Spritz Society isn't a one-trick pony, though. While their pickle-infused creation may be an eyebrow-raiser, the company has a variety of other offerings that align more closely with traditional expectations. They feature a broad spectrum of fruity delights, ranging from the predictably refreshing lemon and tropical pineapple to the exotic blood orange and succulent peach.

Where can you find it and how much does it cost?

Regrettably, obtaining these unique beverages isn't as simple as taking a spontaneous trip to your local grocery or liquor store. They require a bit more foresight. You'll need to head to the Spritz Society's online platform, where these sought-after drinks are available in quantities of two four-packs, priced reasonably at $50. But remember, they're only up for grabs as long as stock lasts, since the unique product is in such high demand. On the bright side, Spritz Society sweetens the deal by throwing in free shipping when you place your order, which makes the process a bit more enticing.

While navigating the website, you'll also have the chance to peruse other tantalizing options. Each unique flavor can be purchased in four-packs as one-off purchases or as subscription orders. For the indecisive or the adventurous, a variety pack is also available, allowing you to sample an array of flavors. This, too, can be a one-time purchase or a recurring delight, depending on your preference.

What is the nutritional content?

Each can of Spritz Society Pickle is a neatly portioned 250 milliliters (or just under 8.5 fluid ounces), making it a perfectly sized single serving. With just 120 calories and absolutely no fat or protein, it's a light and satisfying choice. The sodium content is modest, clocking in at only ten milligrams, and the drink contains eight carbohydrates, with a total sugar count of five grams.

One standout feature of this drink is its clean, ingredient-conscious profile. There are no artificial sweeteners to be found here, and it's proudly gluten-free, catering to a broad range of dietary preferences. The ABV comes in at a modest 6%, striking a balance that allows the drink's unique flavor to shine.

Speaking of ingredients, the list is impressively succinct. There are just seven components, all serving a specific purpose. They include white wine, sparkling water, cane sugar, natural flavors, sodium citrate, along with a dash of fruit and vegetable juices, added not just for flavor, but for an appealing splash of color.

How does it compare to other Spritz Society drinks?

Spritz Society Pickle stands out for a couple of notable reasons. The primary reason, which almost goes without saying, is that collaborations between cocktail and pickle companies are few and far between. But its flavor profile is just as notable. Many of Spritz Society's other offerings are fruit-based, while the Pickle Spritz introduces a tangy, tart twist with its vegetable and pickle flavors. It's not uncommon to order a cocktail with a slightly brinier, more savory profile — think dirty martini — but to see one canned is a whole new ballgame.

On the nutritional front, the sugars and carbohydrates in the Pickle Spritz differ slightly from other options, fluctuating by a mere one or two grams. However, these minor variations do not significantly impact the overall nutritional value of the drink. Each flavor, including the Pickle Spritz, still clocks in at 120 calories and contains the same 6% ABV, striking a consistent balance across the product range.

This is one delightfully tart and fun cocktail

Initially, the concept of a sparkling wine cocktail carrying the flavor of pickles struck us as a bit bizarre and not entirely appetizing. Yet, we ventured into the taste test with an open mind and were pleasantly surprised by the results. The drink subtly teased our palates with a hint of sweetness courtesy of the white wine, while the pickle juice added a bite that we often crave in our cocktails. It seemed to us the ideal accompaniment to a Chicago-style hot dog, liberally dressed with its pickled garnishes.

If your taste buds find delight in the union of pickles and wine, this is a match made in heaven for you. On the other hand, if dill pickles aren't your preference, this drink might not sit well with you. While it may seem self-evident, the pickle flavor is perceptible and clearly identifiable, albeit not overwhelming. It works harmoniously with the other flavors, resulting in a well-balanced blend of sweet and sour, tart and tangy. This drink offers an unexpected but ultimately pleasing confluence of taste sensations — a true testament to its creative ingenuity.

Verdict: do pickles belong in cocktails?

There's no denying the array of intriguing canned cocktails available on the market, with most gravitating towards the fruitier end of the flavor spectrum. Our experience has shown us that an extravagantly garnished Bloody Mary comes the closest to incorporating pickles into the cocktail scene, at least until now. The inventive pairing from Claussen and Spritz Society shifts the paradigm for us. Their unique concoction has proven that, given the right blend and balance, pickles can indeed make a captivating addition to a cocktail, resulting in surprisingly delightful outcomes.

As with all things, the success of this pickle-infused drink largely depends on your personal cocktail aspirations. It might not be the beverage you reach for in the depths of winter, but its unique taste profile makes it a refreshing and enjoyable addition in the right circumstances, especially at a barbecue, picnic, or any given hot summer's day.