The Genius Tip For Pouring Extra Foamy Cocktails

There are times when a simple pour of bourbon in the perfect glass is all you need. While there's certainly nothing wrong with an unadorned cocktail, it's great to have some spectacular tricks up your sleeve when you'd like to impress or just enjoy a dressed-up drink. The creamy texture of foam is one of the easiest ways to add drama to a drink. Ask anyone who's an espresso martini fan — that sippable layer of froth is delicious and one of the signs of a well-crafted drink.

Many cocktails gain their foamy layer from a shaken egg white in a messy two-step cocktail shaker technique. There's a better way to achieve a thick layer of stable froth that also won't tire out your bartender's shaking arm, and you might already have the tool in your kitchen drawer: your hand-held milk frother. The simple device whisks air into milk for foamy coffee drinks, and it can do the same favor for you when you craft an egg-white-enhanced cocktail. This works for plant-based aquafaba versions, too.

Frothy cocktails from your milk foamer

Creating that fluffy layer of egg white or aquafaba foam is simple, and there are two options depending on how much froth you want. For both, you'll separate an egg white or pour an ounce of aquafaba into a glass. If you want a very thick, meringue-like foam that will hold up to garnishes laid on top, first flavor the egg or aquafaba with a dash of simple syrup and a splash of one of the spirits in your cocktail. Hold the container at an angle and whip the mixture with your frother until it's thick. Then just pour the foam on top of a prepared cocktail and enjoy the creamy layer.

If you'd like a more modest foam for a frothy whiskey sour cocktail or gin fizz for example, you just need pour the whipped egg white into your cocktail shaker along with the spirits and ice and shake as usual. The frothed combination will mix completely with the drink but still give you a nice layer of foam when the cocktail is strained into your waiting glass. Get more use from your milk frother and enjoy that long lasting foam with less shaking and mess.