The Sweet Peanut Butter Swap For Unbelievably Delicious Buckeyes

There are some delicious and complicated-looking candies that are, in reality, not that hard to make. Chocolate-dipped, peanut butter-filled Buckeyes are in that category — a classic sweet and savory combination that's named after the nut that grows on Ohio's state tree. The hint of peanut butter filling that peeks out on top is made of just four pantry ingredients that are easy to mix, need no baking, and roll into spheres quite easily. A quick swish through a bowl of melted chocolate completes this satisfying project. However, we have another filling idea for you that takes this favorite into entirely new flavor territory. 

Just grab a jar of gingerbread cookie butter and swap it in for the peanut butter. This switch is perfect if you are making candies for a loved one with a peanut allergy or accidentally faced with a peanut butter shortage when you're ready to cook. Cookie butter can be substituted for an equal measure of peanut butter, making this a simple upgrade, too!

Cookie butter Buckeyes are a must-make treat

This swap works for several reasons. The finished candy is similar in color, so you'll still get that classic Buckeye design. Although cookie butter is sweeter than most peanut butter, it has the deep, spicy flavors of gingerbread to keep the mixture from being too cloying. You can, of course, cut back a bit on the powdered sugar in the filling, tasting it as you add the remainder slowly to get the perfect flavor.

If you happen to be someone who loves to do everything from scratch, you could make your own cookie butter with homemade Speculoos cookies (or do a semi-homemade version with purchased cookies — we won't tell). You'll have a slightly chunkier butter that gives the finished Buckeyes a bit more bite. If you love a little extra crunch, you could even crush some more cookies in the filling mixture. Dipping these cookie butter Buckeyes in dark chocolate would be the perfect finish — the slight bitterness of dark chocolate is a nice contrast to the sweet, spicy filling, making an over-the-top combination even better.