The Simple Way To Instantly Fix A Weak Cup Of Coffee

Waking up to a weak, watery cup of coffee can be a real disappointment, especially when you're counting on that bold, rich flavor to kickstart your day. There are tons of reasons why your coffee could taste bad and weak, from accidentally not using enough coffee grounds to the machine not pulling hot enough water through the puck. But either way, it seems like your morning coffee isn't shaping up well. Don't throw in the towel just yet, because there's a simple solution that can save your drink without wasting precious grounds on a new cup: instant coffee.

That's right, the same stuff that's been adding rich, coffee flavor to baked goods and homemade ice cream for years can also come to the rescue when your morning Joe falls flat. All it takes is a teaspoon of instant coffee stirred right into your hot mug, and the flavor of your coffee should perk up right away. And in case you give it a taste and still aren't satisfied with its strength, just stir in a bit more until it hits the spot.

Use freeze-dried instant coffee over spray-dried

There are two kinds of instant coffee you can find on the market: Freeze-dried or spray-dried. In this case, you'll want to go for freeze-dried. It's a bit pricier, but it packs much more coffee flavor than the cheaper spray-dried stuff.

Freeze-dried instant coffee is made by freezing brewed coffee (usually made with Robusta beans) and then placing it in a vacuum chamber. Here, the ice simply evaporates, leaving behind a rich, concentrated coffee powder that keeps much of the original flavor and aroma intact. The result? Instant coffee granules that are more full-bodied than the alternative.

That alternative is spray-dried coffee. This type is made by spraying coffee extract into hot air, which causes the water to evaporate quickly and leaving a dried coffee powder behind. This method, while being faster and cheaper, sacrifices quite a lot of the coffee's flavor. It'll work great when you're dangerously low on caffeine, but if you're hoping to make your weak or watery brew more palatable, it's far from ideal. So, trust us when we say that freeze-dried coffee is the best way to go if you want to give weak coffee a boost without any waste. And if you're wondering which brand to keep stocked in your cupboard, have a look at our ranking of the 13 best instant coffee brands, to help you make a choice.