Change Up The Classic Whiskey Sour With Fruity Lychee Juice

A classic whiskey sour is a great introductory cocktail to whiskey. If you're not a seasoned whiskey drinker, it may have an overpowering taste. A whiskey sour sweetens the drink while still letting some of that coveted whiskey flavor through. The beautiful thing about a whiskey sour is that the base cocktail is simple enough to implement some fun and creative changes that totally transform the drink. Give your whiskey sour a fruity twist with the addition of lychee juice. Lychee has become a trending ingredient in cocktails over the years, starting with lychee martinis and now it is being implemented into whiskey drinks.

Lychee is a tropical fruit originally native to China. It has a similar texture to a grape, but has the flavor of a more floral strawberry. The fruity flavors of lychee juice balance out the sourness from the lemon or sour mix. Plus, many whiskeys have tasting notes of vanilla and honey. The florality of lychee is a great pairing for these notes and makes for a cohesive cocktail. The juice lightens up the pungent whiskey and makes for a refreshing, easy-to-sip drink. If you think you don't like whiskey, try this pairing and see if it changes your mind.

How to make a lychee whiskey sour

When adding lychee juice to this recipe, it's important not to add too much, or you risk overtaking the whiskey flavor, resulting in a watered-down cocktail. You only need about an ounce of lychee juice to get the sweetness and flavor from the lychee. If you're struggling to find lychee juice, try checking your local Asian markets or online. In a pinch, a lychee syrup could work as well. When considering what kind of whiskey to use for this drink, lean into sweeter whiskeys. Whiskeys with a smokier, spicier flavor risk clashing with the sweeter elements.

You can play around with the ratios in your drink to find the blend you like best. If you are a whiskey lover, you might want to make your cocktail a double so the liquor flavor really comes through — or add more lychee juice if you want more of that sweetness. Lychee juice is naturally fairly sweet, so you might want to hold off on adding simple syrup if you are not a fan of sweeter cocktails. Finish your drink with a fun lychee fruit garnish and enjoy!