The Clever TikTok Tip For The Absolute Best Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are known for their luxurious texture and delightfully runny yolk in the center. But achieving that elusive combination can often prove intimidating thanks to the challenging cooking technique that's tricky to properly execute. Because of this, there are many different methods for poaching eggs. But whether you want to make eggs Benedict at home, have a poached egg on toast, or slide one into the middle of a homemade pizza, there's a simple solution that promises to revolutionize your poached egg game: A soup ladle. Using a soup ladle is a game-changer for several reasons. 

First and foremost, it provides a gentle and controlled environment for the eggs as they cook. Here's how it works: Simply crack an egg into an oiled or greased ladle and let any excess whites drain away. You can, alternatively, crack the egg into a sieve and allow the watery whites to pass through. Then, lower the ladle into a pot of gently simmering water, allowing the egg to cook in its own little protected well of the ladle. This prevents the whites from spreading out too much and becoming stringy, resulting in a neater, more compact egg.

Use the ladle to easily remove poached eggs from the water

The beauty of the soup ladle poached egg method lies in its simplicity. By containing the eggs within the ladle as they cook, you ensure that they come out beautifully uniform in shape. The ladle also protects the egg from a rolling boil, which could break the egg open, releasing the yolk into the water.

It's an easy and controlled way to poach eggs – but the benefits don't stop there. Using a soup ladle also allows you to carefully release the egg into the water after the whites have set enough. Once the whites have cooked and the yolk is still slightly runny, you can then use the ladle to retrieve the poached eggs that are done from the water and repeat the process for however many eggs you need.

So, with the help of a trusty soup ladle, you can achieve flawless poached eggs without any of the hassle or fuss. Say goodbye to stringy egg whites and hello to breakfast bliss — it's time to elevate your poached egg game to new heights.