For The Best Salmon Burger Patties, Get Creative With Your Seasoning

If you're looking for a convenient way to add more healthy salmon to your meal plans, savory salmon burgers are the perfect recipe to try out. The patties are easy to form by simply pulsing chunks of salmon in your food processor. You can even use economical cuts of salmon that might not look as pretty when seared, like the thin tail section or collar meat. The texture of raw salmon holds together without additional egg as it cooks, and the natural fat in the salmon keeps these patties juicy and delicious. Salmon takes naturally to a variety of seasonings, too, so you can have fun spicing them up in new ways to keep this burger idea fresh.

Tasting Table's Jessica Case has some great suggestions: Parmesan, parsley, garlic, and paprika star in her salmon burgers, dressed up with a homemade pickle relish. This combination adds umami and salty cheese to the fish burger, balancing out the richness. Her tart pickle relish garnish adds another layer of crave-worthy taste that makes each bite burst with flavor.

There's no limit to creativity for your seasoning mix

The great thing about salmon is how adaptable it is, so you can easily substitute your own ideas. For example, switch out the Parmesan for feta cheese and swap the parsley for dill, and you'll have a Greek-inspired salmon patty that would be a treat with a dollop of tangy cucumber and garlic tzatziki, either on a bun or atop leafy greens. For a south-of-the-border twist, fold in a few teaspoons of homemade smoky taco seasoning with freshly chopped cilantro and garlic. You could serve these salmon burgers with guacamole and a bit of spicy red salsa.

Learning how to add seasonings intuitively is part of becoming a better cook and making recipes your own. For any salmon burger recipe adaptation, one tip you can lean on is to go light on your chosen seasoning at first, then cook off a pinch of the raw mixture and taste it. Creating your own recipes is one of the pleasures of cooking, and salmon burgers are an easy way to start building your repertoire.