Choose This Nespresso Pod For A Heavenly Affogato

If anything is more heavenly than a rich espresso drink on a chilly morning, it's a rich espresso drink with ice cream. The time of day matters very little, at least to passionate java or gelato aficionados. In Italy, the magic combination gave birth to the term affogato, which translates into English as "drowned." As peculiar as that sounds, just picture it: a perfectly perched scoop of ice cream, or Italian gelato, getting submerged in a hot shot of espresso, then melting into a sweet and savory river of divine deliciousness.

In its simplest form, an affogato consists only of those two ingredients, so the quality and purity of both the ice cream and the espresso matter, a lot. Arguably, the taste of espresso takes precedence, since it is the more impactful flavor, instantly endowing its cold counterpart with bold characteristics. Nespresso makes it easy to create an affogato at home, using a single coffee capsule from its vast collection of coffee roasts and blends. However, the company forthrightly offers its recommendation of the best pod for making this special Italian dessert.

Obviously, for authenticity's sake, it needs to be an espresso blend that's packaged appropriately for the right concentration, whether it's tucked inside the small capsules fitting original Nespresso machines, or the larger round pods designed for Vertuo line machines. Nespresso's choice for its affogato recipe is Firenze Arpeggio for original capsules or Orafio for Vertuo pods. The tasting notes and flavor intensity largely inform that suggestion.

Nesresso pods, flavors, and options for making Italian affogato

Nespresso Vertuo machines accept several pods with espresso blends, including the Orafio pods for making affogato. The coffee in those pods is an Arabica blend with a touch of Robusta, described as light-bodied with a low amount of bitterness and a hint of acidity. It harbors earthy and woody espresso notes with caramel and warm-cereal undertones — a perfect complement for the vanilla ice cream in an affogato.

For original Nespresso machines, try the Firenze Arpeggio capsule, named for the Italian city of Florence, known locally as Firenze. When this blooms in your cup, and eventually over the ice cream in an affogato, it brings along pleasing blended notes of fruitiness and cocoa. It's considered an intense blend with a smooth crema. Though vanilla ice cream is more common in affogatos, chocolate works as well, doubling down on the cocoa-first nature of Firenze Arpeggio. It also comes in a decaffeinated version for evening enjoyment.

Those are by no means the only Nespresso options for making a luscious affogato; look for pods or capsules designated as espresso or even a more potent ristretto. If you'd rather enjoy your affogato in a more stable form, let the brewed espresso cool down before pouring it over the ice cream. There are also plenty of affogato recipes to try and options for customizing, including adding amaretto, rum, or sambuca, or serving it with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, cinnamon, or crushed nuts.