This Is What Kind Of Alcohol Is Actually In A Can Of Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is a popular and refreshing hard iced tea made with real brewed tea and added flavors like lemon, mango, and raspberry. With 5% ABV per can, what kind of alcohol is actually in Twisted Tea? The label on the bottle doesn't reveal the type of alcohol within, and we're intrigued because Twisted Tea tastes like a cold glass of Southern iced tea taken to the next level with alcohol and lacks the carbonation and health benefits of kombucha.  

The answer may surprise you. According to Twisted Tea, the company brews its product similarly to how brewmasters would brew beer. What makes Twisted Tea an alcoholic drink is a malt base derived from beer. Since malt bases are usually made from fermented grains, such as barley, wheat, or rye, Twisted Tea is not gluten-free. You may think it's easy to replicate Twisted Tea at home — simply mix one of the most popular beers with flavored iced tea and call it a day — but the process is not as simple as that and can be quite involved. 

How to hack a homemade version of Twisted Tea

If you want to hack a homemade version of Twisted Tea, you'll have to brew a malt base, like you would to make beer. Then, you would filter, not distill, the resulting alcohol and mix it with tea leaves, fruits or fruit essences for flavor, and some sugar. Unless you're a brewmaster or know how to brew beer at home safely, we do not recommend attempting a homemade version of Twisted Tea from scratch.

In a pinch, if you don't have bottles or cans of Twisted Tea at home, consider mixing up your own spiked iced tea, or learn how Alex Guarnaschelli adds a boozy, zesty kick to iced tea. The famous chef enhances her iced tea with zesty ice cubes and whiskey. We recommend trying this trick with floral and lighter Japanese whisky. Note that vodka is another hard liquor one can mix into iced tea. 

With different flavors and iconic releases like Rocket Pop, Twisted Tea has amassed an army of hardcore fans over the years, and spiking everyday beverages like iced tea appears to be a trend with staying power. In fact, Dunkin' Donuts debuted a full lineup of spiked iced coffee and tea, and we're all for it. As always, however, drink responsibly.