The Best Way To Incorporate Pistachios Into Your At-Home Latte

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If you're a coffee fanatic, you probably like to play around with flavors for your homemade espresso drinks. And if your next endeavor is to craft the perfect homemade pistachio latte, then you need to know the best way to incorporate pistachios into the drink.

To make our recipe for a DIY deluxe pistachio latte, two ingredients are needed to get that nutty flavor: Pistachio milk and pistachio cream (also known as pistachio butter). While you can go out and buy the pistachio milk, we make it from scratch in the recipe. The process is much simpler than you'd think; it only requires a blender and a cheesecloth for straining. The homemade pistachio milk is then combined with regular milk to create an ultra-rich froth. After the two milks have been combined, that's where the pistachio cream comes in — a small amount is added to ensure that the earthy and nuttiness of the pistachio is front and center when you take a sip of the latte.

A premade version of pistachio cream is available at most grocery stores, look for brands like Pisti or Piccolo's. However, there's also the option to make the pistachio cream at home, giving you total control over how much sweetener (and what kind) is added. Plus, there are plenty of ways to use that pistachio butter, so none of it will go to waste.

How to customize the pistachio latte — and what to pair it with

If you're looking to customize your pistachio latte, you want to avoid changing any of the key ingredients. After all, you can't have a pistachio latte without espresso and plenty of pistachio flavor. However, you can swap out the regular milk for a dairy-free option, such as soy or oat, as long as it's unsweetened. The recipe calls for crushed pistachios as a garnish, which is a delicious idea — and certainly on theme — but feel free to get creative with the garnish. One idea is to add a dusting of cinnamon for a hint of sweet spice, or nutmeg which will accentuate the already nutty nature of the drink. And, if you'd like to go the decadent route, feel free to top the pistachio latte with a dollop of whipped cream.

If you'd like to make the overall flavor a little more complex and unique, add a pump of flavored syrup, such as vanilla — a little bit of vanilla will add some extra sweetness to balance out the pistachio's earthiness. Or, you could add a pump of mocha syrup for a more dessert-like drink. After all, nuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven.