The Bold Nespresso Pod You Should Always Have Ready To Brew

Since variety is the spice of life, keeping a curated selection of Nespresso pods is always a smart idea. But, stocking up on different pods isn't only ideal for when unexpected guests drop by. It also proves useful whenever you have a hankering for a different kind of brew. As for which pod is sure to impress the palates of anyone craving intensity, the Nespresso pod that's worth having on hand is the Ispirazione Napoli. 

Our favorite pod of the bunch, Nespresso's Ispirazione Napoli is an homage to the very strong coffee that's characteristic of its coastal Italian namesake, Naples. Essentially, the dark roast is a blend of Robusta beans that are sourced from Uganda, along with traces of Arabica beans from South America. With an intensity of 13 out of 13, Napoli pods are the highest ranking pods denoted by Nespresso, which speaks to the coffee's overall potency. However, that doesn't mean the espresso isn't just as deeply nuanced as it is dark and daring.

Napoli pods boast notes of dark chocolate, warm spices, and toastiness with hints of licorice. Complex in its flavor, the blend also has a full-bodied and luscious texture. That said, the coffee's high level of bitterness (felt in its finish) works to offset this richness and restore balance. As a result, the Nespresso's Ispirazione Napoli pods offer a perfectly harmonious flavor and mouthfeel with every sip, which might be enough to inspire fans of lighter roasts.

Ispirazione Napoli pods aren't just for fans of bold brews

For those seeking deliciously dark depth, the pod is perfect to enjoy on its own. However, because of its extreme intensity, pods of Nepresso's Ispirazione Napoli also fare well when prepared in less concentrated forms such as a lungo or Americano. A milder rendition, some dilution can work to soften the potency of the pod, appealing to a wider audience. Similarly, Napoli pods can also be used as a base for a milky latte, frothy cappuccino, or even an espresso martini since the coffee manages to maintain its structure and pronounced flavors, while amplifying texture with its velvety cream.

Although Ispirazione Napoli might be the boldest of the bunch, it isn't the only pod that delivers intensity. In fact, there are some other noteworthy options that can provide just as much gusto and strength. For instance, the luscious Palermo Kazaar, powerful Ristretto Italiano, or decadent Firenze Arpeggio can all pack a similar punch and offer a rich body. Likewise, the dark Freddo Intenso can even be a suitable choice, if you're craving a cold coffee.

Given that expiration dates aren't something you need to worry too much about when it comes to Nespresso pods, there's nothing wrong with stocking up on Napoli pods along with a medley of others. After all, it's better to have options when pondering what to brew!