For A Luxurious Spin On Weeknight Salmon, Make It A Lemony Risotto

Baked salmon filets make such a fast and easy weeknight dinner. With just a sprinkle of seasoning and 10 minutes in the oven, the healthy protein is ready to plate. Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye came up with the perfect solution to the perennial question of how to turn salmon into a full meal. Folding baked salmon into a herby, lemon risotto results in a decadent but doable mid-week entree that also makes wonderful leftovers.

If you think of risotto as a time-consuming recipe that requires constant attention, you'll love Rye's technique of stirring and waiting for the starchy rice to absorb each addition of liquid without too much fuss. You could even start the risotto, then pop the salmon into your preheated oven to cook while the rice is simmering to finish this elegant recipe in about 30 minutes total. Or, you could use leftover lemon-garlic baked salmon as a creative way to repurpose extras for a truly timesaving dinner.

Lemon and herbs are a great match for rich salmon and other seafood

The bright lemon peel and fresh herbs in this recipe help to lighten the dense nature of starchy risotto, but they're also traditional seafood accompaniments, which is why the recipe is so perfect with salmon. But if fresh salmon is unavailable, a convenient can of salmon would make do in a pinch. Or consider tossing the hot risotto with tiny bay shrimp and scallops for a less rich but equally quick-to-make alternative that would be brilliant with lemon and herbs. A handful of sugar snap peas or thinly sliced asparagus stirred in would also add bright green color and earthy flavor to the plate if you'd like to include more vegetables.

We doubt you'll have leftovers of this lemony salmon risotto, but should that be the case (or even if you want to make the recipe a day in advance), reheating risotto is simple. Just stir it over low heat with a bit more broth to loosen the starches up until it's once again piping hot. Turning these simple ingredients into a luxurious risotto is the ultimate weeknight treat.