WhistlePig Whiskey Launches Maple Syrup Collab With Super Troopers Amid Shortage

Climate change is disrupting the production of some of our favorite foods, like chocolate and coffee, due to shifts in weather that change average temperatures. According to the Forest Data Network, even maple syrup, our favorite breakfast syrup and cocktail sweetener, has been under pressure due to colder winters in Canada and the northern U.S. Production plummeted by 15% in the United States in 2023. But despite the dire news, high-end whiskey distiller WhistlePig in Vermont hopes to raise our spirits (literally) with a new campaign for their whiskey-barrel-aged local maple syrup.

In collaboration with the fictional maple syrup-chugging Vermont State Troopers from the 2001 cult comedy classic, "Super Troopers," WhistlePig has released a limited-edition bottle of its popular syrup featuring a signature trooper mustache and sunglass design. The Broken Lizard comedy group — whose members portray the troopers and WhistlePig celebrated the film with a tongue-in-cheek PSA based on the idea that the Super Troopers had taken over WhistlePig's syrup production to ensure there would be no shortage of syrup for their chugging antics in future sequels.

Vermont's finest collaboration

We're rooting for the maple industry – millions of maple trees grown for syrup production capture a large amount of carbon. Without them, the climate impact could be more dire. And although the troopers might argue among themselves about who most deserves the tag "Vermont's Finest," WhistlePig's Green Mountain State mash-up of local Runamok organic maple syrup has us hoping the syrup shortage won't worsen. The partnership includes the featured barrel-aged maple syrup and a version containing orange essence and maple syrup with sparkles. All of them could be used to make a maple Old Fashioned or poured on top of brunch chicken and waffles. Or, people could just take a chug from the bottle, like the Super Troopers.

This whimsical campaign is not an unusual style for the distiller. Founded in 2007, WhistlePig already has a history of unique promotions, such as its unusual PiggyBank Rye glass bottle that "pours from the rear" and special releases featuring collectible bottles that can fetch thousands of dollars at auction.