WhistlePig's New Boss Hog Edition Is Inspired By Greek Mythology

It's a special time of year for whiskey collectors as WhistlePig Distillery debuts its latest edition of the Boss Hog series. This year's release was inspired by the timeless Mediterranean flavors of Greece, per a company press release.

WhistlePig Distillery is a rye-focused manufacturer based in Vermont. Its former dairy farm distillery ages its 15-year whiskey in oak harvested from trees grown on the property to create its own place-inspired rendition of the classic spirit. The distiller frequently launches special edition releases such as the Boss Hog, and its PiggyBack Legends series.

According to Whiskey Advocate, WhistlePig has been releasing its special edition Boss Hog line since 2013. Boss Hog whiskeys are special editions that survey the globe for inspiring tastes to experiment with. Every edition of Boss Hog represents the finest efforts of WhistlePig's master craftsmen, and must meet its promises of being "single barrel, bottled at proof, powerfully complex, distinctly unique from anything they have done before, and stupendous." The bottles are highly sought after by collectors for their unique flavors, and collectible pewter statuette-topped bottle stoppers. They normally sell for $500 at retail, though they sell for thousands at auctions years later.

In years past, WhistlePig has taken inspiration from the flavors of France with the fourth edition Black Prince, as well as bridged the gap between Spain and South America with the seventh edition Magellan's Atlantic. The latest edition combines Greek and local flavor notes to create an entirely new blend of tastes.

Siren's Song is the latest Boss Hog release

WhistlePig says that Boss Hog IX: Siren's Song is one of the distillery's most creative and daring editions to date. Not only is it double cask finished, it marks the first time that these finishes were crafted by WhistlePig itself.

Siren's Song starts its journey as a rye whiskey aged in American Oak before being finished in casks flavored by fig nectar and tentura. Bottega di Calabria says that fig nectar is made by cooking figs in water to render it into a syrup form, while Taste Atlas reports that tentura is a Greek liqueur originally from Patras that is normally a type of brandy or rum flavored with herbs and spices. WhistlePig says that its homemade tentura was made using cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange peel and honey. These two finishes lend a blend of fruity richness, and warm cinnamon notes to WhistlePig's signature high rye spice.

This is also the first Boss Hog released since WhistlePig announced its entirely women-led distillery team back in March. The team took research trips to Greece to research the process of making tentura, and better understand the flavors it would lend to the whiskey. Fittingly, these bottles will be topped with statuettes inspired by the nine Greek muses of myth. Avid collectors will have to work to acquire all nine toppers, especially the highly limited Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. Pre-orders are available online at shop.whistlepigwhiskey.com.