Why You Should Always Use A Glass Container When Making Sun Tea

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When the long, languid days of summer roll around, there's hardly anything more delightful than chilling in your back garden with a glass of sun tea (or sun tea cocktail!) Simply plop some tea bags into a jar, add a few slices of your favorite fruits or other ingredients to fancy it up, let the sunshine work its magic, and voilà, you have a beautiful jar of homemade sun tea. The quality of your drink depends on, of course, the presence of sun, filtered water, and the tea you're hoping to diffuse it in, but another factor that can affect it is the container. Always, always, always ... make your sun tea in a glass container.

Glass makes a much safer container for your sun tea than plastic because it can stand hours under the scorching sun without degrading. This means it will not impart any foreign chemicals or odors to your tea. If they get hot enough, many plastics can leach chemicals into your drink, even if it doesn't visibly warp or melt. This will not only alter the taste of your tea but could also pose long-term health risks. Some plastics are better than others at withstanding heat, but finding a food-grade glass container is usually simpler than searching for a BPA-free, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, reusable plastic jar.

Picking a glass container for your sun tea

Picking a glass container is pretty straightforward. First of all, make sure the glass is food-grade — you can usually find this info on the label. It's a good idea to buy a thick container that's less prone to breaking, and since you have to move your jar or pitcher around quite a bit, a sturdy handle is a must. A wide mouth will make it easy to add tea bags (or remove them for reuse) and other ingredients; plus, it helps simplify cleanup. Also, check that the lid is secure enough to keep the heat in, but not so airtight that gas can't escape from the container.

Since your sun tea jar can double as summer decor, pick one that matches your vibe. Don't forget, though, that part of the charm of sun tea is watching the tea's brown traces seeping through from the bags, blending with colorful fruit slices or herbs. A clear glass container is best for this delightful visual treat, so you may want to choose one that's not entirely covered in paints or decorations. Of course, a glass container will be a tad more expensive than a plastic one, but it'll be worth it for your peace of mind and the pure, refreshing homemade sun tea that you'll enjoy all summer long.