Here's Why Bar Spoons Are Twisted And How It Helps Make Better Drinks

Have you ever looked at a bar spoon and wondered why it was twisted? The real question here is, who hasn't? Turns out, there is a perfectly logical answer to that question. Those narrow, long-stemmed, twisted spoons actually work in a way that helps bartenders make better drinks. So it's no wonder why they're included on Tasting Table's list of bartending tools you need for your home bar.

As it turns out, the twisted handles on bar spoons aren't just there to look cool. They serve a purpose and a very useful one at that. The twists are there to intentionally complement the motion of stirring a drink, permitting the bartenders to stir them in one continuous and smooth motion. Paired with the right technique, the spoon also aids in preventing any spills or splashes, which means your drink comes out as minimally diluted as possible. But, that's not all.

Bar spoons aren't just for stirring

If you're new to the world of creating craft cocktails, you might be wondering about a lot more than just the purpose behind a twisted spoon. Just as there are seemingly endless cocktail recipes, there are numerous tricks you can pick up as you explore. In fact, there's another thing bar spoons are good for, and it's specifically because they're twisted. As it turns out, bar spoons aren't just for stirring drinks. They're for pouring them too. When poured down the long, spiraled handle of the spoon, the twists work to reduce spillage, ensuring every last drop makes it into the glass.

This comes in particularly handy when bartenders are making layered cocktails, such as a tequila sunrise or a Bob Marley. To take advantage of this trick, simply place the flat back of the spoon in the glass, just above the liquid you'll be layering the liquor, soda, juice, or grenadine on top of. Then, slowly pour the liquid down the length of the handle. The liquid will trickle down the spiraled stem into the glass, floating into a layer just above where you placed the back of the spoon. Now that's a party trick and one that will make you look like a natural mixologist.

Furthermore, twisted bar spoons are a useful tool when making carbonated cocktails. And it's not just thanks to the stirring motion — pouring a carbonated mixer down the handle of the spoon can actually help make drinks fizzier. The texture of the twisted handle stimulates the air bubbles in the drink and actually increases the carbonation, making your sips pleasantly bubblier.