TIHS 2024: The Best Coffee Gadgets Caffeine Fans Will Want To Buy

Tasting Table attended The Inspired Home Show (THIS) in Chicago to find the best gadgets for kitchen enthusiasts everywhere. For the coffee enthusiasts out there, you'll be happy to know there is a wide array of devices to boost your coffee-making game and give you cafe-like results at home. From cold brew to pour-overs, no matter how you take your morning coffee, there's a device out there to help make this daily ritual a little easier.

Whether you're looking into getting started with making your coffee at home and haven't done it before or are on a mission to craft the perfect cup, Tasting Table has compiled a list of the best coffee gadgets seen at TIHS. We believe these products stand out from the rest — and should be on your radar next time you find yourself in the market for a new way of making coffee.

The Shine Rapid Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Machine with Vacuum Extraction SCB-100 from Tribest

This dual cold brew coffee and tea maker is a game changer if you love drinking your caffeine over ice. This product boasts it makes "true" cold brew coffee and tea in under 10 minutes. It's also customizable; you can set the strength of your brew, so your drink truly feels personalized to you.

What makes this stand out among some of the other cold brew items is that the Shine Rapid machine gives your drinks an antioxidant boost. The vacuum extraction technology brings out the full health benefits of your tea or coffee mixtures and brews them extra smoothly. Plus, it's able to achieve a remarkably sediment-free glass of java each and every time. "Other rapid brewers on the market, they use a motor to extract the coffee, which makes it cloudy," William Choi, Tribest CEO, explained. "We use negative pressure to get a clearer cup."

Pour Over Coffee Maker from Brod & Taylor

Brod & Taylor's pour over accessory uncomplicated the rigid process of making a pour over and aims to deliver consistent results with each use. As you pour hot water into the pour over chamber, the stainless steel dripper provides an elevated extraction. The outer layer is a rubber sleeve that anchors the pour over coffee maker to your cup to prevent slippage and protect your hands from the hot surface. This insulation, which sets the equipment apart from its competitors, also keeps your brew at an optimal temperature.

Warren Taylor, product manager and engineer of the patent-pending device, says the stainless steel ensures the dripper is durable — something he put to the test when he threw the pour over tool in his backpack and biked to TIHS. The matte black design draws in coffee enthusiasts, but they shouldn't overlook the fact that it rests neatly atop the matching French press to bring more utility to the brewer.

Some home cooks might be intimidated by the pour over process, which can get a bit fussy, but Taylor says the dripper is designed with easy flavor extraction in mind. "The drip rate is a big factor in our engineering," he said. "It's made with a bunch of different holes to make sure the water drips at the right rate. Some people do the whole, 'Pour for 42 seconds and pause,' but as long as the grounds are saturated, it'll keep dripping and extracting."

The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

This portable coffee maker is ideal for travel, camping, or anywhere you might find yourself craving a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This device functions similarly to a French press; you add your coffee grounds and hot water to the chamber and press down to finish extracting your coffee. However, unlike a French press, the AeroPress includes miniature paper filters for a smoother cup. You could also make a cold brew with this gadget and press the liquid directly onto the ice to chill. Its small size and ability to be broken down into parts makes it convenient to travel with and a great reason to never drink a stale cup of hotel coffee again.

The Go's silicone lid also doubles as a grippy surface, helping stabilize the base of the contraption. This makes it helpful when brewing in unexpected places — like a wobbly kayak. Ben Jones won the 2016 World AeroPress Champion, a rotating global competition for best coffee brewed with an AeroPress, and was on hand at TIHS to dole out drinks. He's also been known to pack up a thermos of hot water before fishing and make coffee in the middle of the lake. "This is the AeroPress I wish they'd made from the start," said Jones. "It's more portable, but across the line, they all brew the same way, so you don't have to learn a new technique to get the same consistent flavor."

The Z10 coffee and espresso machine from Jura

With this machine, you might never need to go to a coffee shop again. This Swiss product can make espresso shots, cold brew, flat whites, lattes, and more all in one sleekly designed product. The exclusive Product Recognizing Grinder detects what drink you are brewing and accordingly grinds the beans properly. You can also operate this machine via smartphone or tablet, so your morning coffee will be ready before you even leave the bed.

Jura takes pride in the fact that its machines use beans, rather than pods, to get the day started. "It's more sustainable, you have the freshness of coffee, and you can compost the grounds," said Anthony Bauer, creative manager at Jura. "And you can support your favorite coffee shop." The brand claims to have pioneered the cold extraction brewing process, which is on display in the Z10 model, which nimbly brews hot and cold beverages. Its other models also offer a unique and customizable sweet foam, for those eager to replicate their favorite cafe drink.