How To Get A Free Shake Shack Sandwich After The Oscars Air This Weekend

Most of the people nominated for Academy Awards go home empty-handed, but Shake Shack is making sure everybody — including us at home — wins this year. Hollywood's biggest night is coming up on Sunday, March 10, and while most people will be rooting for their favorite stars to take home the prize, if you love Shake Shack what you should be paying attention to is the running time. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the company is guessing how long the Oscar awards ceremony will be this year, and depending on whether the show goes over or under, you'll be able to grab a free Chicken Shack sandwich or SmokeShack burger, although unfortunately not the secret menu item that combines the two.

The promotion is being run in cooperation with marketing agency Known, which created a model that factored in data points like past run times, host, performances, and ads, to spit out a predicted run time of 3 hours and 31 minutes. If the show runs over, fans get the chicken sandwich, and if it runs under, they get the burger. The promotion will be available starting the day after the Academy Awards, and run until the following Monday, March 18. To get your free sandwich, all you have to do is place an order of $10 or more at a Shake Shack kiosk, in the app, or online and then enter the code BIGWINS at checkout to get the winning sandwich.

Shake Shack loves the Oscars

While both potential winners are sure to taste good to anyone who loves free food and eats meat, who you root for may come down to your preference for chicken versus beef. The Shake Shack Chicken Shack sandwich, which is one of our favorite fast food chicken sandwiches, is a classic fried chicken sandwich with lettuce, pickles, and an herb buttermilk mayo, but the SmokeShack is a little more unique offering of the shop's standard cheeseburger with Shack Sauce, applewood smoked bacon, and chopped cherry peppers.

This isn't the first time Shake Shack has teamed up with the Academy Awards, as the burger chain catered the star-studded Oscar party at the Academy Museum last year, and will be doing so again this year. And if someone reading this article just so happens to be one of the Oscar nominees yourself, first off congratulations, and secondly Shake Shack is treating you to a burger no matter what, as all nominees in all categories can get a free ShackBurger at the West Hollywood location on Oscar day with proof of ID. For the vast majority of us who are not nominated for the biggest award in film, Shake Shack will still be transforming that location with Oscar-themed decorations like a red carpet and lights. So whether it's a little taste of Hollywood glamor in-person, or some edible swag for the rest, fans the country over can celebrate the Oscars with Shake Shack this year.