Naturally Sweeten Any Nespresso Shot With A Dollop Of Honey

A cup of coffee is arguably one of the best ways to begin a brand-new day. From the coffee maker's familiar rumbling sound and the heavenly smell permeating the air to the revitalizing caffeine boost itself, everything works in perfect harmony to jolt you fully awake in the most delightful way. For busy coffee enjoyers, the quickest, easiest shortcut to this is one of the many diverse Nespresso shots. Since these shots can be quite bold, they sometimes require an extra ingredient to smooth out the flavor edges. No need for anything complicated, a dollop of honey is all it takes to dress up the bitter coffee with a lovely natural sweetness.

Honey is surely nothing new, but it is full of unexplored potential beyond the typical dessert realm. In a Nespresso shot, its floral, woodsy sweetness moves gracefully through the bitter edges. It softens the overall flavor profile to an enjoyable level without altering any of the coffee's beloved qualities. What you end up tasting in every sip is a perfect mix of robust flavors and enticing aromas, with a delicately sweet undertone twirling in the back. By adding more or less honey, you can tailor the taste to match your personal preference, creating a bittersweet coffee that perfectly suits your palate.

More than just a drizzle into coffee

This simple yet delectable hack works with just about any type of Nespresso. Fans of softer, more toned-down coffee might enjoy an iced vanilla espresso layered with caramel sauce and honey. Those who like their drink deep and rich, on the other hand, might find the dark roast varieties to be more up their alley.

Perhaps the most common way to add honey to your Nespresso coffee is by drizzling a tablespoon into the cup or glass before anything else so that it stays right at the bottom. Then, you can layer in other ingredients like caramel sauce or melted chocolate. Alternatively, if you want to make a latte, froth the milk in a separate glass, either on its own or with honey and other additions like creamer, cinnamon, or nutmeg. As for the Nespresso, simply brew the capsule shot directly into the glass, then pour the honeyed milk in, and gently stir to combine everything together.

Another way is to drizzle in the honey after you have made the coffee and added the frothy milk. A little bit of it will stay at the top while the rest slowly sinks to the bottom. Similar to the first approach, just grab a spoon and lightly stir for a well-mixed drink. You can also let the honey drip all over the inner rim of the glass in an iced drink, both for a pretty visual appeal and an even flavor infusion.