The Price Of Starbucks Bottled Syrup Is About To Increase

According to a post on the r/Starbucks subreddit, the cost of bottled syrups is about to increase. To be clear, we aren't talking about the commercially bottled Starbucks syrups sold by a variety of retailers for customers to enjoy at home (a four-pack runs for $30.49 on Amazon). We're talking about the official bottles of syrup that Starbucks partners use to assemble drinks behind the counter in stores. Starbucks syrups started becoming available for customers to purchase last year in limited quantities and via inquiry only, allowing fans to stroll into their local store and ask baristas which bottles (if any) they're able to sell.

Since they first launched, the syrups have sold for about $12 per 33.8 fluid-ounce bottle, before tax. The Reddit post depicts what appears to be a photo of an official document or computer screen with company info that bears the bad news: "Beginning 3/18, the price for bottled syrups available for customers to purchase will increase from $12.95 to $24.95." That's nearly a 200% upcharge.

In a statement to Tasting Table, Starbucks confirmed that this particular price increase will apply to company-operated Starbucks locations in Canada. In the U.S. customers will see the price increase to $19.95. For those who only frequent Starbucks for their morning latte, not to worry — this change will not make individual drinks or extra pumps of syrup more expensive in stores.

Price-gouging putting a not-so-sweet taste in fans' mouths

When the official syrups become available, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, classic, caramel, hazelnut, and cinnamon dolce flavors could be sold to customers (when in stock). Moving forward, only the vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, classic, and caramel flavors will be sold, per the post. Starbucks did not respond to this portion of Reddit's claims, so we cannot verify if they are true or false, of if they will only apply to the chain's Canadian cafes.

If you're a budget-conscious, syrup-loving Starbucks fan looking to fill the void, you can always turn to the "in case of emergency break glass" solution: DIY. Starbucks' website has posted some syrup recipes for novice baristas to try making at home in the flavors hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon dolce, mint, and honey ginger — a wider variety than is available for customers to purchase in stores.

Still, perhaps unsurprisingly, fans aren't happy about the upcoming price increase. The general tone of the Reddit post's comment section ranges from inflation-weary apathy to outrage. Some speculate that Starbucks might be trying to "deter people from depleting stock." Others mention feeling confused at the motivation behind the corporate pricing tactic, reasoning that an increase this extreme is likely to push away a large portion of Starbucks' existing customer base or drive coffee lovers toward competitor brands. Torani, for instance, sells 750ml syrup bottles in a kaleidoscope of flavors for $10.59, and French brand Monin sells 'em for $6.99.