There's More To Gordon Ramsay Than What You See On TV, According To Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo - Exclusive

If there's one culinary icon out there whose reputation precedes him, it's Gordon Ramsay. The award-winning chef behind such throw-down food competitions as "Hell's Kitchen," "MasterChef," and "Next Level Chef" is known for putting on a show. Sure, he may have earned 17 Michelin stars between his numerous restaurants, and his food is always top-notch. But let's be honest, if we're tuning into his cooking shows, it isn't to see him create mouth-watering dishes. (Although we're not ashamed to admit that we definitely drool as he puts the finishing touches on each and every entrée). We really tune in to see which contestant he'll yell at or if he'll throw an ingredient or two across the kitchen during the episode.

But in an exclusive interview with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the team behind Jon & Vinny's, Son of a Gun, and the now defunct Animal, told Tasting Table that all that bravado is just an act. Instead, the English chef is actually quite "inspirational."

Gordon Ramsay isn't the taskmaster television makes him out to be

Shook and Dotolo first met Ramsay when they were recruited as guest judges in season 13 of "Hell's Kitchen." After their appearance in 2014, the chefs came back four more times. Yet in all those appearances, Dotolo admits they've never worked together outside the show. But those appearances didn't scare the pair away from the volatile chef since they say what you see on screen isn't who Ramsay really is. Instead, those days on "Hell's Kitchen" only increased their admiration for him. "I respect, I mean, I love Gordon," Dotolo says emphatically. "I know Jon feels the same way. I mean, to have a career that he's had is damn near impossible in this industry."

Even though the chefs still haven't found an opportunity to work with Ramsay beyond "Hell's Kitchen," Dotolo says they have spent plenty of time together — time in which they've discovered just how passionate the British chef is about his cooking, his restaurants, and his shows. "He's very driven. Very determined. He is incredibly efficient. Smart. I have lots of good things to say about him," Dotolo continues. "I mean, TV edits and character and all that kind of stuff, but I think he's a great person and a great chef and sort of a great leader in our industry."