Guinness And Tipsy Scoop Team Up On Saint Patrick's Day Ice Cream

The selection of pints for celebrating St. Patrick's Day just got a little sweeter, thanks to the team at Tipsy Scoop and its limited-time collaboration with Irish brewing legend Guinness. The New York-based boozy ice cream maker is selling pints of Lucky Sundaes Guinness Draught Ice Cream with Maple Pancake Crunch nationwide through Goldbelly. The ice cream has 5% alcohol by volume, so be sure to save it for the adults at the party. You might also want to make sure you have a big party budget. A shipment of four pints will set you back $100, not a kid-sized investment.

For anyone who has never heard of a Guinness float (or the Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch ice cream that Häagen-Dazs debuted about half a decade ago), the idea of combining the dark stout's savory flavor with the creamy sweetness of a frozen treat might seem unusual and unexpected. But the molasses and toasty notes of Guinness and milky sweetness of ice cream may come together to yield a malty flavor that appeals to people who love a hint of umami mixed with maple.

Sweet luck of the Irish

Looking for other ways to include Guinness in your sweet celebration of St. Patrick's Day? Here are some festive ideas that might be more appealing than green dye in your beer. Consider a decadent ice cream float featuring a double scoop of Lucky Sundaes Guinness Draught Ice Cream with Maple Pancake Crunch topped with a foamy pour of Guinness. As noted by Tipsy Scoop, you could also craft a variation of the classic Boilermaker beer-and-a-shot by dropping a scoop of boozy ice cream into a glass of beer.

If a frozen treat fan wants other boozy options from the brand, Tipsy Scoop specializes in classic cocktail-flavored ice creams and sorbets, all with a measurable alcohol content. Its retail locations are cleverly called "barlours" — a mash-up of "bar" and "parlor." They serve scoops in New York and include a few alcohol-free choices for those who are underage or prefer to skip the booze. The frozen treats are also available at select retail outlets nationwide and through home delivery via Goldbelly.