Booze Up Your Next Root Beer Float With A Bourbon Cream Shot

Nothing says warm days are here and it's time to live in the moment like a root beer float. The pairing of an effervescent soda with warm notes of vanilla, molasses, honey, sarsaparilla, and cinnamon, with creamy vanilla ice cream is perfection with a straw. It's perfect for kids and adults, but if you want to transform your root beer float into something exclusively for adults you should booze it up with a shot of bourbon cream. 

Bourbon is a go-to for this dessert drink, but what exactly is bourbon cream? It's exactly what the name says — bourbon with a dairy element like cream. Bourbon lovers can relax knowing that this creamy distilled spirit retains all the feel of regular bourbon with vanilla, caramel, oak, and baking spices hitting the tongue with a smooth consistency. Because of its low alcohol content, it won't overpower your root beer float or make you too tipsy, just satisfied. 

Fantasy floats

To make this ice cream treat, you have a couple of options. Break out your cocktail shaker, pour some bourbon cream over ice, and shake it like a Polaroid picture. After it has turned foamy, it's time to top off your ice cream and root beer with it. The foamy nature of the bourbon cream makes for a lovely texture and flavor contrast. However, no cocktail shaker, no problem. You can skip the shaking and pour a shot right into the ice cream before adding the root beer.

If you like the idea of adding bourbon cream to an ice cream float but want to change up the flavor, you could swap out the root beer for ginger ale for a spicier taste. Or get creative and change both the ice cream and the soda. Add it to Sidral Mundet apple soda along with a salted caramel gelato or try a cherry soda with chocolate ice cream and a shot of bourbon cream to make for an even creamier slurp.