The Best Times Of The Week To Rent Restaurants For Private Events

A setting can make or break a memorable event, so taking the time to find the right venue has significant payoffs for both the experience of your guests and your hostessing sanity. Whether you're planning a private dinner party or organizing a special celebration, renting a venue takes the party outside of your home and into a space that can offer ambiance, staff assistance, and catering. Without having to worry about setting the table in advance or accommodating unexpected guests, you can feel free to mingle and enjoy the company of the attendees while contentedly sipping drinks and basking in a setting that requires little effort on your part. 

In addition to choosing a date for your event and finding a space that can hold your anticipated number of friends and family, you may want to take a quick peek at the calendar. Days of the week matter when it comes to booking out spaces, as weekend hours are premium for foot traffic. If you're looking for discounts and better experiences, be willing to be flexible when it comes to scheduling. Restaurants and event spaces sometimes offer discounts for events planned and booked mid-week, so if you have a set budget in mind, this kind of thinking can help you allocate resources elsewhere.  

Plan ahead for a quality experience

As you begin to make calls to various restaurants and establishments and set out to book a venue, asking about rental fees is an important topic to approach early on in conversations. Be sure to have an approximate number of guests in mind as you make your inquiries and have an idea of what kinds of food and drinks you would like to be served during your time in the space.

If you think that hosting an event on a Tuesday or Wednesday sounds like a downer, think again. With restaurant staff and hospitality teams less occupied on the weekdays, you'll have the focused attention you need to make sure your party is taken care of. Plus, when sending out invitations to your guest list, you'll have less competition as guests make decisions regarding their own calendars and social itineraries, and you may find yourself with the number of RSVPs you had hoped for. Talk about a win-win across the board.