Canned Lobster Meat Is The Simple Way To Elevate Your Seafood Dishes

When you think of lobster, you almost certainly think of it as a dish that you order at a high-end restaurant. And, unless you're super into cooking, you probably don't think of it as something you could easily make at home and integrate into your weeknight dishes. However, what you may not know is that you can buy canned lobster.

Canned lobster is exactly what it sounds like: lobster meat (specifically claw and knuckle meat) preserved in olive oil and stored in tins (much like tuna, the more common canned fish). By picking up a few cans of lobster, you can easily integrate it into your home cooking and elevate your seafood dishes.

Even though it may not be as well known as tuna, canned lobster is just as easy to get your hands on. One brand that sells canned lobster, Scout, has its products at Whole Foods, as well as on Amazon. All you have to do is open up the can and the lobster is ready to go — you can simply eat it on its own, if that's how you prefer to enjoy it, or integrate it into a larger meal.

Sometimes elegance comes in a can

Once you give canned lobster a try, you'll be dying to figure out ways to include it in more meals — and we have a few ideas of where you can start. First up, lobster grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is, obviously, delicious just as it is, but it's fun to switch it up now and then by adding in an unexpected ingredient — and lobster is the perfect way to elevate the classic comfort food. Speaking of comfort food, how about kicking mac and cheese up a notch by adding canned lobster?

You could also go with one of the most famous lobster recipes, the lobster roll. Using canned lobster will make whipping up this dish much easier, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the other aspects of the sandwich. Another option is to add the lobster to a pasta dish — perhaps a fettuccine alfredo. Or, you could swap out your weekly fish tacos for a different seafood variation: lobster tacos.

Plus, given how easy it is to use canned lobster, you can experiment as much as you want without worrying about your hard work going to waste.