How Much A Good Beaujolais Should Cost, According To A Wine Expert

If you're a wine connoisseur you're likely familiar with the Beaujolais region. This large wine-producing region is located in the central area of France. Beaujolais wine is known for being aromatic and fruit-forward. It is made from the Gamay grape variety, and is mostly red, though some whites and rosés are also made from this variety as well. A good Beaujolais wine is going to be a bit pricier than your average supermarket bottle, but exactly how much should this price be? Tasting Table talked with Amanda Davenport, the General Manager and Beverage Director for Noisette Restaurant and Bakery in Denver, Colorado for a precise answer.

"Unfortunately, we've seen a price increase over the past few years for wines from Beaujolais but they are still relatively affordable," Davenport says. "You should be able to find something good for $30 to $40!" 

This cost ensures that you get a good taste of what the Beaujolais region has to offer. If you're going to make the effort to try this specialty regional wine, you want to make sure you're giving it a fair chance to impress you. This is a wine you may want to save for a special dinner or celebration. If you don't think you want to splurge on a whole bottle you can search your local wine bars and see if any of them carry Beaujolais by the glass.

What to expect from a Beaujolais wine and what to pair it with

As mentioned these wines are known for being fruit forward. This fruitiness contributes to the high acidity of the wine, giving it a mouth-puckering feel when sipped. The wine is also revered for its slightly earthy flavor, balancing out those fruity notes. Beaujolais wines have a lightly savory note to them as well, making them an incredibly well-balanced wine. You should plan on finishing the bottle of Beaujolais wine after opening it if you want to ensure the best taste and mouthfeel.

Beaujolais wines lend themselves to being fairly easy to pair due to their balanced profile and low alcohol. Given the acidic nature of Beaujolais wines, you might want to stay away from lemony dishes or briny snacks. Sticking with lighter meals and fresh flavors allows the earthy qualities of the wine to shine and lets you fully experience the flavor. Creamy pasta, roasted chicken, and even some salmon dishes make for an excellent pairing option. After all, if you're going to spend $40 on a bottle of wine you'll want to be sure you enjoy it.