XXXX Beer Has Been A Long-Time Staple Booze In Australia

For many drinkers globally, beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice. Its refreshing nature and gentle inebriation make it a beloved quencher after a long day. Plus, it's easy to brew in large quantities and serve in communal spaces, making it a fixture at bars. No surprise nearly every imbibing culture has its regional preferences.

And for residents in Queensland, Australia, the hometown favorite is a manifold of beers called XXXX. Produced by Castlemaine Perkins Brewery, the brand's a staple in local establishments, at events, and in the grocery store. Their varying styles have been pouring since 1878, beloved for their cultural significance in addition to drinkability and flavor.

There's the company's iconic mascot — a well-heeled cartoon character called Mr. Fourex — cheering on drinkers since 1924. Plus, XXXX's beers were sent out during World War II and the Vietnam War. Throw in aid work during tough times and a carbon-neutral production line, and it's easy to understand the brand's popularity. Although solely distributed in Australia, the beers remain among the country's most popular.

XXXX beers offer delicious drinkability since the 19th century

The brand's recognizable name stems from a grade system reflecting quality. Near the end of the 19th century, Australian beers were tallied with X's to reflect excellence. After the brewery released a successful rendition with three, the recipe was improvised, and the beloved XXXX was born. Although phased out of its current lineup, the company still produces a bitter introduced in 1924, along with five other beers.

All are marked by their light, drinkable nature, coming in at less than 5% ABV. There's the XXXX Gold, a 3.5% ABV lager, favored for its smooth nature, with gently bitter and sweet notes. Their bitter is in a similar fashion, offering a tad more upfront bite, complemented by a bitter aftertaste. In addition to these two offerings — their most popular — the company also offers a dry lager and a Summer Bright series. In this line, the beers are run through a special filtration step to gain a refreshing quality. These brews come in lime or mango-flavored versions, all additive and preservative-free.

And for those looking to cut down on alcohol, there's also a XXXX non-alcoholic brew. The first carbon-neutral beer of its kind, it's crafted with Nelson Sauvin hops to hit the right notes. Regardless of the specific beer, each brew delivers perfect refreshment under the hot Aussie sun, hence the company's enduring success.