The Store-Bought Tomatoes And Sauce Bobby Flay Loves

When Bobby Flay gives you a sneak peek into his pantry, the coveting begins. Per an Instagram collab with Misfits Market, viewers can see it is organized and full of the ingredients the Iron Chef uses to create his crave-worthy recipes. Two items Flay loves are Mutti's tomatoes and Mutti's Simply Sugo Sauce. These items will add an authentic flavor to some of your favorite classic Italian dishes like spaghetti alla gricia or your go-to homemade pizza sauce. But what is it about the Mutti's brand that makes it stand out from other tomato-based products?

Mutti's tomatoes are described as firm and fresh and canned without their skins. They are placed in a bath of "velvety" passata, which is basically uncooked, strained, and pureed tomatoes that help maintain that delicious and dense taste and texture. The brand credits its short supply chain for how fresh its products are. These tomatoes are perfect for anything from a sheet pan Sicilian pizza to a classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Flay uses his to make a sauce, including a pasta dish called bucatini amatriciana.  

Use it as a starter

Mutti's Simply Sugo Sauce is made with 100% sun-ripened tomatoes. The tomato sauce is high quality and when you are short on time, it is an easy go-to if you want to use it as is or as a starter for a more elaborate sauce. To make this his own, Flay starts with the sugo and adds his own herbs — like basil and oregano. He also adds some chopped Calabrian peppers or some crushed red pepper to the tomato sauce and tops the pasta with some Parmigiana Reggiano. The end product is an easy and satisfying meal.  

Of course, you can customize this sugo sauce however you want. Simmer a protein of your choice in it or add some sauteed chopped onions, carrots, and garlic to really amp up the flavor and make it more fragrant. It is truly a canvas. If you like a creamier sauce, break out the heavy cream or use this sugo sauce as a base for a vodka sauce.