It's Time To Waffle Some Falafel For A Savory Brunch

There are two types of brunch people: Those who tend to reach for a sweet meal and those who lean more savory. Those who want something sweet for brunch might end up with a plate of waffles in front of them. But, as it turns out, waffles don't just have to be for the sweet brunch lovers — this is where falafel waffles come in.

Falafel waffles are made of everything you would find in a traditional falafel recipe but cooked in a waffle iron to take on a new, exciting shape and texture that fits right in with the rest of the brunch foods. After taking just one bite, you'll see that this dish is truly the best of both worlds — the savory goodness of the falafel flavor in one of brunch's favorite shapes. Plus, as long as you have both a food processor and a waffle iron, the process couldn't be easier — the falafel waffles will be done in about 30 minutes. The only difficult part is figuring out how you'd like to serve them.

How to serve the falafel waffles

Just as regular waffles aren't complete without a nice drizzle of syrup, falafel waffles aren't complete without some adornment of their own (although probably not with syrup). In Tasting Table's recipe, falafel waffles are paired with Armenian cucumber slaw, as well as harissa yogurt sauce, both of which are delicious options. But, if you're looking for something a little simpler and more classic, you could spread your favorite hummus over the top of the falafel waffles to complete the meal, or whip up a batch of classic tzatziki sauce to bring some freshness and brightness to the waffles.

If your falafel waffles need a side dish, trying pairing them with a simple, fresh Greek salad or a chopped Israeli salad. If you really want to level up your brunch game, go all in on a spinoff of classic chicken and waffles and pair your falafel version with Mediterranean braised chicken thighs.