Swap Lettuce With Broccoli Slaw For Crunchier, Veggie-Packed Tacos

It can be a struggle to eat enough vegetables every day, which is why it makes sense for lettuce to be added to just about any taco recipe. However, sometimes you get tired of those plain old leaves, but still want to get your veggie fix in. The solution? Swap out the lettuce in your tacos for a broccoli slaw.

It's worth noting right off the bat that broccoli has a ton of health benefits. According to the National Library of Medicine, it has a plethora of vitamins and minerals, antioxidant properties, and a high fiber content. On top of all that, it aids in heart health and digestive health and supports the immune system. When you see broccoli's many benefits listed out, it's hard to not jump at the chance to put it in every meal — but let's start with tacos.

Beyond its nutritional value, broccoli slaw is a delicious, crunchy addition to any taco. You can make your own with veggies you have on hand, or buy a store-bought bag which will likely consist of grated broccoli stems, shredded carrots, and shredded red cabbage. Layer it on your tacos as is for a vegetal crunch, or make it more into a traditional coleslaw by whipping up your favorite mayonnaise or Greek yogurt-based dressing. 

The best taco recipes to pair with broccoli slaw

Fish tacos — be it cod-based, salmon-based, and so on — often feature cabbage slaw in the recipes, which makes them the perfect type of taco to try out the broccoli slaw on. Because fish tacos pair so well with a crunchy element, the broccoli cabbage will fit right in. Keeping with the seafood theme, shrimp tacos are also a great choice to pair with the broccoli slaw.

But you don't need to limit the broccoli slaw to seafood tacos. Recipes such as Tasting Table's smoked chicken tacos or ground beef street tacos are delicious just as they are — but they are missing a good crunchy element to them. By adding the broccoli slaw, you'll ensure that they have the crunchy texture you're looking for while adding in some key nutrients. Meanwhile, our recipe for carnitas tacos contains thinly sliced radishes, which do give it a bit of a crunch — but if you're not a radish fan, then all you have to do is swap it out for the broccoli slaw. All in all, next time you're making tacos — whatever type of taco they may be — you might as well try out the broccoli slaw to see if it may become a new regular part of your favorite recipe.