17 Best Bars In San Francisco To Watch The Super Bowl 2024

The much-anticipated showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII is nearly here. As one would expect, residents of both cities are eager to gather together to watch the football game with family and friends — along with enough snacks, drinks, and good cheer to keep fans in high spirits all night long.

Now, if you're a football fan in the Bay Area looking for a bar to watch the big game, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Plus, since the NFL championship game coincides with San Francisco Beer Week this year — an annual tradition hosted by the Bay Area Brewers Guild – establishments everywhere may be offering incredible deals for any craft-loving dudes and dames on Super Bowl Sunday.

While Chiefs fans likely prefer to park themselves at one of the best bars in Kansas City to watch the Super Bowl (perhaps while playing jump rope with the Missouri-Kansas border), San Francisco residents have their own traditional haunts to hunker down at for the game. Whether you're one of the many Niners fans representing the city with your finest red and gold jerseys, apparel, and decorations, or simply hoping to enjoy the spectacle away from home (and in good company), here are the 17 best bars in San Francisco to watch Super Bowl LVIII.

Bus Stop

As the name suggests, Bus Stop is an excellent place to park oneself for the NFL's final showdown. The sports bar offers all the comforts of home without the actual hassle of throwing your own Super Bowl shindig. Bus Stop features numerous televisions to watch the game, an extensive selection of reasonably-priced drinks, and a pool table for anyone who wants to shoot a ball or two between plays.

If you're looking for a sports bar with an energetic atmosphere as welcoming as your friend's couch (where you can play an easy Super Bowl drinking game with fellow fans), Bus Stop is where you want to go. You'll be able to kick back, enjoy some beer on tap, and watch the big game while you cheer on Brock Purdy and the rest of the team. Simply put, no San Francisco-based fan will regret choosing Bus Stop as their Super Bowl destination.


(415) 567-6905

1901 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

The Valley Tavern

If meeting up with neighbors at a bar so friendly and familiar that it feels akin to a tailgate is your speed, you'll want to consider spending your Super Bowl LVIII watch party in the fine local company of The Valley Tavern. After all, San Franciscans love this bar because it has a bounty of on-tap beer options, enough seating to create an intimate but uncrowded space, and televisions galore.

Additionally, The Valley Tavern's libation list offers a wide array of IPAs, ambers, specialty cocktails, gluten-free ciders, alcohol-free options, and so much more. The drinks list also includes a variety of red, white, rosé, and bubbly wines — meaning it's perfect for any wine-drinking football fans in San Fran, as well. Since anyone can enjoy their preferred drink while watching this year's Super Bowl showdown at The Valley Tavern, the only real question is what are you waiting for?


(415) 285-0674

4054 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Barebottle Brewing Company

When San Francisco residents want to enjoy some sublime brews while watching a football game, few bars can compare to the spacious, casual, and oh-so-comfortable Barebottle Brewing Company. In other words, this all-things-beer establishment — which has several locations across the Bay Area for folks to grab a glass of the good stuff and enjoy a game — would be an excellent spot to spend Super Bowl Sunday.

The Cortland Avenue location features high, spacious ceilings, an open-view brewing room, an outdoor (and dog-friendly) seating area, and a plentiful spread of TVs. You can enjoy the fresh brews offered by Barebottle Brewing Company during the height of San Francisco's beer season — and catch the game while you're at it! Whether outdoor dining is ideal or you prefer a bench inside to spread out with your food and friends, there's no shortage of either option at Barebottle Brewing Company.


(415) 926-8617

1525 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Tempest Bar & Box Kitchen

Are you an eclectic aficionado of food and drink looking for a San Francisco-based bar to watch the Super Bowl? Tempest Bar & Box Kitchen could very well be for you then. This dive bar-esque establishment will be able to tend to all your needs while you root for the hometown team in this year's Super Bowl showdown. Though it offers a good number of beers on tap, the draft list at Tempest changes so frequently that the online menu simply alerts customers: "Frequent Changes, Just Get Here."

If you need some more convincing, the culinary component of Tempest should do the trick. Its kitchen offers a variety of delectable menu items, after all, including mac 'n' cheese egg rolls, fried pickles, chicken & waffle, and veggie bratwurst. Quite frankly, food-oriented 49ers fans should consider flocking to this San Fran bar during the Super Bowl. Trust us when we say you won't regret choosing Tempest Bar & Box Kitchen for your NFL sit-in.


(415) 580-7170

431 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Bartlett Hall

For any San Francisco fans looking to celebrate this year's NFL showcase in style, Bartlett Hall may be the best choice. This sports bar has a traditional dark wood gastropub feeling — but with none of the frivolous bits one might expect to exist when a business mixes high-end dining with a classic sports bar service. Fear not when it comes to Bartlett Hall, then, as it serves shishito peppers and buffalo cauliflower alongside traditional pub favorites like chicken wings, pizzas, flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

In case you're wondering about the beer, Bartlett Hall has its own award-winning in-house brewery and a number of house beers, in addition to a rotating set of other local beers to choose from. Between its top-notch menu and fantastic variety of beers, what more could you want for a place to call home during your game day celebration?


(415) 433-4332

242 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Athletic Club

San Francisco Athletic Club quite literally has it all. Mounted flat-screen TVs, benches and other comfy seats, plenty of space for family and friends, plus enough food and drinks to feed and fill the bar's guests with energetic cheer. Whether you're stopping by for brunch or settling in to watch the whole game, San Francisco Athletic Club is a fantastic spot to go for this year's Super Bowl — especially with all the gorgeous outdoor seating, heaters, and mood lighting.

Anyone age 21 and older who is searching for a sports bar with an atmosphere that is truly, well, sporty, San Francisco Athletic Club is the place to be on February 11. The doors at San Francisco Athletic Club open at noon on Super Bowl Sunday, and though the four booths have already been booked, the remainder of the bar's seating options are first come, first serve. So be sure to show up early (and don't forget to bring along that $20 surcharge!).


(415) 923-8989

1750 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Richmond Republic Draught House

Richmond Republic Draught House is among the best San Francisco sports bars for watching the Super Bowl. This easy-on-the-eyes eatery checks off every box required for a football viewing party. This includes a comfortable and clean environment, and plenty of TVs to see the game (and any fast food Super Bowl commercials that air). There's cold craft beer and other libations, plus food so fantastic you may just want to come back the following Sunday for a burger or quesadilla — game or no game.

Aside from the expected dishes offered by the San Francisco bar, the Richmond Republic Draught House has several menu items that aren't typically found in the sports bar scene, including fried Brussels sprouts, salmon tacos, and Cajun shrimp mac 'n' cheese. If trendy-meets-tasty is the type of atmosphere that calls to you on Super Bowl Sunday, Richmond Republic Draught House undoubtedly has the vibe you seek.


(415) 702-6069

642 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Final Final

When you think of your ideal San Francisco sports bar setting for this year's Super Bowl festivities, do images of a classically cozy dark wood room with a fully stocked bar, pool tables, mood lighting, and televisions aplenty come to mind? Well, if so, Final Final is the perfect place to catch the big game along with other 49ers fans.

Final Final is far from fancy — in the best way possible — and offers up a laid-back sports bar vibe well-suited for the no-frills beer and cheer-along celebration. Alongside beer, Final Final also serves up cocktails, as well as some classic bar snacks to help soak up all those libations. Plus, if the Super Bowl and its commercials aren't enough to keep your attention, the historic sports memorabilia adorning the walls of this beloved neighborhood bar may capture your eye during the game's downtime.


(415) 931-7800

2990 Baker St, San Francisco, CA 94123


Nickies is a perfectly placed San Francisco pub for the public to watch Super Bowl LVIII. Though Nickies is known to host all sorts of events, including trivia and dancing, they are well-equipped to host a bounty of football fans during this year's much-anticipated showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The interior of Nickies is the exact blend of modern and old-school pub aesthetics one would expect from a trendy San Francisco establishment. The venue is comfortable and spacious, leaving lots of room to talk with friends and family while enjoying some delicious pub grub. You can watch the big game in peace or party it up a bit at Nickies (whichever is your preference).

Without a doubt, though, the best part about choosing this bar to watch the Super Bowl is the food. Its menu is far more hearty and homestyle-esque than you'd find in most bars — though it also offers a variety of fantastic fried food options, as well. 


(415) 947-7800

466 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Blackthorn Tavern

Blackthorn Tavern is easily among the best bars in San Francisco for festive occasions like Super Bowl Sunday. Blackthorn also just so happens to be the only bar on this list that is currently facing possible eviction after serving San Fran for the past 30 years (save the Blackthorn!). So if showing up to support a local landmark in a time of good sportsmanship is important to you, consider lending your patronage to Blackthorn Tavern for this season's football finale.

If you need more convincing, consider Blackthorn has two pool tables, numerous TVs, and a bunch of beers on tap — all of which are wrapped up into one aesthetically pleasing, dark-wood-and-paint motif. Featuring a well-stocked bar and outdoor seating to boot, these amenities — plus three decades of service to the city — mean Blackthorn Tavern is among San Francisco's best sports bars (and well worth saving).


(415) 564-6626

834 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is a special kind of sports bar — the type some might consider the quintessential bar experience (think of wide metal trays with checkered paper). With a menu that includes bar faves like tater tots and burgers (which ooze with cheese), the Boardroom offers a glorious and gratuitous food and football experience no fan of either team will want to miss.

Located in North Beach, The Boardroom is nestled into a steep sidewalk nook along the sweeping hillscape of San Fran. It offers more than 20 beers on tap alongside a host of televisions, ensuring you miss a moment of action. Plus, The Boardroom's outdoor dining area is a spectacular place to soak up some sun and enjoy a Super Bowl Sunday brunch — and start your Super Bowl LVIII game day in the best way possible.


(415) 982-8898

1600 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Underdogs Cantina

Underdogs Cantina is an excellent establishment with plenty of space and TVs for patrons to enjoy the Super Bowl. Along with its other two locations — cleverly named Underdogs Too and Underdogs Tres — this bar seems to operate under the notion that more is merrier. While each of Underdogs' locations offers its own vibe and style, you can't go wrong with any of the three.

The across-the-board quality of Underdogs Cantina makes it uniquely suited for anyone's Super Bowl needs. This is particularly true for any San Franciscans who love Mexican food, football, and friendly staff (plus enthusiastic fellow customers). If any of that sounds like the ideal place to spend your Super Bowl Sunday, then Underdogs Cantina (or Too or Tres) may be for you. All you need to bring is a big appetite for food, beer, and fun.


(415) 416-6873

128 King St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Golden Gate Tap Room

Like most of San Francisco, Golden Gate Tap Room is more than ready for the Super Bowl. Of course, while this is a great option for watching the game, the bar does charge a $20 cover fee on game day and is exclusively for folks 21 or older — meaning no minors are allowed in during the most anticipated sporting event of the year.

As long as you're of legal drinking age, then, Golden Gate Tap Room is a great place if you want to enjoy Super Bowl LVIII in a trendy environment with delicious drinks and even better food. Plus, if the ability to watch the big game with those amenities isn't enough to keep you satisfied, Golden Gate Tap Room also offers the opportunity to play some classic arcade games. You'll be able to pass the time in between all those touchdowns, commercials, and moments of both frustration and good cheer on the nation's most festive football holiday.


(415) 677-9999

449 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94108

7 Mile House

Do you like good food, fantastic drinks, and a famously historic sports bar with flatscreen TVs and outdoor seating — plus a thumbs up to bring your furry companion along for this year's Super Bowl celebration? If that's the case, look no further than Brisbane's own 7 Mile House. 

San Francisco locals love to congregate at 7 Mile House to catch up over a sporting event (or two) and chat the night away in this intrinsic Bay Area establishment. What makes 7 Miles House stand out from its fellow San Fran sports bars is, by and far, its wide and satisfying selection of meals and snacks. Served up alongside whatever beverage your heart could possibly desire, 7 Mile House would be a fantastic spot for any fan this Super Bowl Sunday

Patrons of 7 Mile House can enjoy its cozy interior seating or the spacious outdoor area, though indoor may be preferable (considering it's February in the bay). Then again, you can still rest easy knowing its outdoor space heaters will help combat the chill during the Super Bowl.


(415) 467-2343

2800 Bayshore Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005

Greens Sports Bar

For those who enjoy a more classic sports bar experience, look no further than Greens Sports Bar on Polk Street. This Irish-style libation station is great for Super Bowl fans who want to show up, socialize, and enjoy the Super Bowl with a whole lot of TVs. Greens Sports Bar also offers amenities to add a little va va voom to that sporting experience with a pool table and video game machines alongside the sport-forward TVs.

The decor at Greens Sports Bar is homey and offers a wide array to explore, including framed photos galore. Since Greens also has more barstools and open space than most sports bars could hope to offer, it's clear why it's a fan-favorite establishment in San Fran. If you want to get out and about this Super Bowl Sunday without feeling too far from the comfort of home, consider celebrating this year's NFL showdown at Greens Sports Bar.


(415) 775-4287

2239 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Hi Tops

Hi Tops may be the best LGBTQ+ sports bar in San Francisco. The vibes are immaculate and the company is downright excellent. Simply, when it comes to watching the 49ers battle the Chiefs in the final showdown of the 2024 NFL season? Few places in the city can provide a better (or more accepting) atmosphere.

Whether you're part of San Fran's sports-loving allies or a member of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, anyone who loves great drinks and delicious bites should consider going to Hi Tops to watch this year's Super Bowl. Even if you're just there to kick up your feet and enjoy the excellent view and food while people-watching during the festivities, it's impossible to go wrong at Hi Tops. Just make sure you're prepared for the strength of alcoholic drinks in the Castro, which are made strong to say the least.


(415) 551-2500

2247 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

The Kezar Pub

The Kezar Pub may be the most renowned and revered sports bar in San Francisco. This establishment is so well known and beloved by Bay Area locals that it doesn't even need a website, nor does it accept reservations. All Kezar Pub asks from its customers is a sense of good cheer, appreciation for quality beer, and an all-around positive sporting attitude. Anyone who possesses those attributes will enjoy the welcoming and delicious environment Kezar offers to its patrons.

This San Franciscan sports bar serves up the exact kind of food you'd hope to find between the game itself and the best and worst Super Bowl commercials. In fact, the wings, dogs, and nachos at The Kezar Pub make it painfully obvious why word of mouth is enough to keep it so popular. Add up all those snacks, specialty drinks, multiple TVs, and an unparalleled understanding of what inebriated NFL lovers need, and it's clear why Kezar is a great bar to watch the Super Bowl in San Francisco.


(415) 386-9292

770 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA 94117